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  3. Admin

    loggin in to game server

    try to disable your antivirus and firewall, it is possible that they block connection to servers. You also need to check that the ports 14325,14326,14327,14328,14329,14330 are not blocked as they are connected to them.
  4. Выпал облик, показало, что он есть, но его нет
  5. Yesterday
  6. Szamzik

    ENG Guild

    Welcome all guyz i want to try do eng guild in horde or aliance idk what you want i trying in alliance you can write to me in game : Szamzik
  7. mosibat

    loggin in to game server

    no....3 day i try for join any realms and cant join pls say me how to fix this problem thanks....
  8. Здравствуйте, артефакты не изменялись, максимум что могло произойти, если у вас уровень артефакта был выше 36, то все что выше было сконвертировано в свободные очки и таланты сброшены, вы их можете снова прокачать в оплоте класса
  9. Admin

    loggin in to game server

    Hello, is the problem solved?
  10. Играю пристом раскачал до обновы Частица света до 10 лвла, после обновы все вложенные очки слетели. Играю на Аргус х1-х5 ник Бастет прошу Вас проверить. И вернуть вложенные очки в артефакт! Заранее благодарен.
  11. Last week
  12. the game keep trying to download as i play even tho it is 100% done it makes me lag and some npc don't show up so i cant finish my quest
  13. helloo....i cant join any relams pls help me !
  14. Sintharia

    Increase gold rates on x100 realm

    Hello. My colleagues and I are discussing this issue.
  15. talosbane

    Increase gold rates on x100 realm

    Dude, this Server is dead, don't waste your time here. I was here 2-3 months ago and I left from here with my friends. Take this advice. Have a nice day 😄
  16. Gentoo

    Npc not translated

    https://www.wowhead.com/npc=102799/korvas-bloodthorn npc is at krasus landing
  17. Earlier
  18. Hey just curious if there would be a way to increase the gold rate on the x100 realm to x5. Since the population is relatively low at the moment it is very hard to make gold to buy mounts and other goods from vendors that are high value such as the Champion's treadblade, Grand expedition yak, Bloodfang cocoon. Without the auction house and players to buy items its extremely difficult to get the gold for these items as well as purchase heirlooms and they could be bought through the store. I feel like a change to the rates for gold would be beneficial because players would be able to afford things such as gear from vendors while leveling since the experience rate is high it is hard to get gear at levels and if the gold rates where changed players would be able to afford these items and be able to gear up when you are able to buy gear from vendors like in Pandaria. It would be reasonable to change the rates to x5. This rate is not crazy and would allow players to reach gold cap within minutes but it would give you the chance to be able to afford mounts/flying and riding training since you are unable to do dungeon finder while leveling due to low pop, aswell allowing players to purchase heirlooms and gear while leveling and affording items sold by vendors for mount crafting. And all around this would make the player base happier and I'm sure many would agree this would be a good change. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you will take these changes into consideration.
  19. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=55870/sky-captain-swayze He has no text to select to go to next part of the raid - Has text to go into the next part of the raid. on the boat after ultraxion
  20. Looking for people to do dungeons with. Level 110 Message my character spontaneous
  21. Gentoo

    I can’t log into my account

    I had the same thing check your password and email if they are right
  22. Sintharia

    I can’t log into my account

    Hello. Is your problem still relevant?
  23. Sintharia

    Can't play.

    Hello. Is your problem still relevant?
  24. Admin

    Permanent sleep

    fix the character on the site
  25. Hey, So I downloaded the client and the game, and when I press "Play" I get a error saying that WoW was unable to connect to the network data source. Did I miss a step or something? Thanks
  26. Gentoo

    Permanent sleep

    I entered the druid class hall zone by accident when I was running back to my body in wisp form and when I revived I got stuck in permanent sleep I can still use abilities and such.
  27. ereb


    В призрачных землях ( да я оттуда еще не вышел ) вешается отдых в любом месте. Убил моба - тут же "вы отдыхаете".
  28. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=16315 Deatholme Acolyte - моб для квеста Retaking Windrunner Spire спавнится не на всех точках
  29. Drainerx

    The nightfallen

    I have a problem with the nightfallen. I can’t give them quests and buy things for intestants for reputation, the chain of quests was made completely. Reputation with them is almost complete.
  30. https://ru.wowhead.com/npc=16347 - Голодная светлопалая рысь Этот моб не должен быть дружелюбным к игрокам.
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