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  2. ArenaMaster

    Сomplaints to Wintrading

    This topic is intended for complaints about the discharge of the arena of game worlds x5 and x100. Leave applications in the form: 1. Your nickname, your world 2. Nicknames of violators 3. Description of the violation, why you suspect that the user has violated the rules of the game, what type of bracket (2x2, 3x3) 4. Evidence of violation, proof are convincing screenshots, or video.
  3. Riqis

    Some basic rules for GMs

    This list will be updated 1) Last post is the actual version of punishment limits now 2) We don't test on x100, we test only on test realm. If you need to test something you can ask about rights on test realm and they will be granted to you. 3) We don't swear with players and we are not rude with them, it concerns game, forum, discord and also any other means of communication where you will call yourself a GM. For example, if you give your Skype to players on the forum as a way to contact you, you can't tell player "Fuck you", if you didn't give your Skype on forum, then it's your private Skype and if someone writes to you in your private Skype, you are free to say "Fuck you, it's my private Skype, i'm not a GM here"))) 4) Your Discord account with GM rights in Discord - is always a GM account, you are not a player, when you are on your Discord GM account and you act as a GM) (we had some issues with previous GMs). 5) We don't help players in cases when our help will help them to get something unavailable to other players. For example, if a player comes to you with a broken quest for something really important and this quest is also broken for the whole realm, you don't help this player to complete quest, you send this player to bugtracker. 6) We don't help our player characters and our friends with GM characters. We don't use damage command on bosses. All commands are logged, keep in mind that some of commands can be viewed as "illegal" help to players because the man who checks logs can't know all the context. If you think that your are going to use some commands that can be viewed as "shady" help, it's always better to ask here about these commands and the situation.
  4. i have just downloaded the game using as instructed in the website, i try to login but failed. i read through some of the problems similar to my problem in this forum nothing seem to work? and how do i update the launcher, please answer me in details
  5. Last week
  6. Brooklyn

    Spirits of the Water

    fixed after next update
  7. Brooklyn

    Peering Into the Past

  8. Brooklyn

    [Pandaria,Jade Forest] The Right Tool for the Job

    fixed after next update
  9. Methusilah

    We are looking for new team members

    1. Aaron, 21. 2. Methusilah 3. Have been playing since Vanilla without a break. Am a high key runner on live WoW, AOTC for the big BFA raid. Mythic Raider. Was a GM of [BFA] Promised-War as Itachi, before it died out. 4. Hobbies: Music, playing WoW, and playing with friends. 5. I have come to help provide good service and support / information, helping others, helping the server stay populated, etc. Making sure there's no toxicity / harassment / cheaters, etc. 6. live:riplilpeep72 7. English.
  10. Brooklyn

    Restoring Jade's Purity

    fixed after next update
  11. Brooklyn

    [Pandaria, Jade Forest] Smoke before Fire

    fixed after next update
  12. Brooklyn

    A Gift for Tina

    check if after next update
  13. Brooklyn

    A Gift for Gina

    fixed after next update
  14. Brooklyn

    Operation: Stir the Cauldron

    We hasn't to many data for script it faster. So I'll temporary set in on autocomplete.
  15. не работает игрушка https://ru.wowhead.com/item=140324/передвижной-телемантический-маяк#comments не телепортирует в Шаларан
  16. Brooklyn

    Assault on Dreadmaul Rock

    Hm, this NPC is missed in DB. What NPC you check for this quest? I'll spawn NPC that shown on wowhead, so he's appear after next update.
  17. Brooklyn

    Once More Unto The Breach, Hero

    fixed after next update
  18. Brooklyn

    The Broken Front

    fixed after next update
  19. Brooklyn

    Blinding the Eyes in the Sky

    fixed after next update
  20. Brooklyn

    That's Abominable!

    fixed for both factions after next update
  21. Brooklyn

    Free Your Mind

    fixed after next update
  22. Brooklyn

    Tirion's Gambit

    fixed after next update
  23. Brooklyn

    The Keeper's Favor

  24. Brooklyn

    The Art of Being a Water Terror

    fixed after next update
  25. Brooklyn


    fixed after next update
  26. Brooklyn

    No Rest For The Wicked

    fixed after next update
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