There was a problem with a Class Hall or Artifact

There was a problem with a Class Hall or Artifact

If you are faced with the problem of rolling back an artifact weapon or quest line for receiving (for example, because of a disconnect), then in this thread you can write a request, for returning the artifact/quest.

Please adhere to the established template when creating your message.
  • Nickname character.
  • Link of weapon from wowhead, and a link of the last quest which was canceled, and which should been given [NECESSARILY!].
  • If this is a scenario, then watch the quests in the quest log.
  • Information: what happened (lost an artifact, do you have other artifacts, quest was rolled back, etc.).
  • Screenshot to confirm your words, your situation.
  • Your online by UTC + 03:00.

If you are lost in the chain of quests and do not remember where you could stop - I can offer you an addon BTWQuests, with it you can find the lost quest.

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