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    Priest: Now https://wowhead.com/spell=139 additionally restores 75% of health in PvP-battles, not 100%. Now https://wowhead.com/spell=196559 increases the range of the “Prayer of Restoration” by 10 meters, not 20 meters. Now https://wowhead.com/spell=197268, increasing the healing efficiency by 50%, affects only the healing power of the priest who used this spell, but not other healers. Fixed a bug when the healing effect of talent https://wowhead.com/spell=197268 received a double increase Fixed a problem that resulted in a 15 percent increase in the number of transferred https://wowhead.com/spell=81749 in PvP healing allowed to replenish more health than expected. Now the damage of the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=15407 deals an additional 15% more damage in PvP (it was 55%) Now the damage of the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=8092 additionally deals 5% more damage in PvP (it was 35%) Mage: Now the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=12042 increases the damage inflicted by a character in PvP not by 30%, but by 25%. Mages of Fire specialization will now deal 3% more damage Monk: Fixed a bug when triggering the item https://wowhead.com/item=151784 could not summon a creature that was already invoked with the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=198664 Improvements to AI creatures called talent https://wowhead.com/spell=198664 Fixed a bug where ability could take a healthy target for healing as a priority. Rewritten item effect https://wowhead.com/item=144340. Fixed a bug when the https://wowhead.com/spell=205406 ability healed only one target under your https://wowhead.com/spell=119611 The effect of honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=202162 can no longer be applied to targets that are not players (for example, pets and guards) Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207025 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before). Now the honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=202162 redirects to the monk 20% (not 30%) of the damage inflicted to the allies. Now the honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=202126 allows you to apply not 50%, but 30% of zero deferred damage. https://wowhead.com/spell=216113 now increases physical damage by 30% (not 50%). Now the honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=216161 restores health to the allies in the amount of 185% of the damage done (and not 175%, as before). Now the honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=201318 (in the specialization "Windwalker") increases the maximum health by 15%, not 20%. Now the honor talent https://wowhead.com/spell=201318 (in the specialization "Windwalker") reduces the damage taken by 15%, not 20%. Now the feature of the artifact https://wowhead.com/spell=195380 replenishes 12.5% of the monk's maximum health (previously replenished by 25% at 4th level). This change was registered in the client due to a bug fix, when talent effectiveness sometimes did not decrease in PvP Hunter: Hunters of the Beastmaster specialization will now inflict 2.5% more damage (Developer comment: in this context, the bonus implies only certain abilities and talents of your specialization) Bonus from four items from the set https://wowhead.com/spell=251756: now https://wowhead.com/spell=34026 reduces the recovery time of the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=193530 for 3 seconds, not 2.5 seconds. Demon hunter: Now the effect of the item https://wowhead.com/spell=210867 will be triggered by the activating effect https://wowhead.com/spell=187827 talents (for example https://wowhead.com/spell=209258 ) Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207029 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before). Recovery time https://wowhead.com/spell=205629 increased from 30 to 45 seconds. Duration https://wowhead.com/spell=205629 reduced from 8 to 5 seconds. Rogue: Fixed an issue where the triggering of talent https://wowhead.com/spell=198032 was more often than it was supposed Shaman: Now https://wowhead.com/spell=210714 increases the damage done by the Icy Shock spell in PvP by 250%, not 300%. Paladin: Fixed a bug when the effect of talent https://wowhead.com/spell=183416 under the influence of https://wowhead.com/spell=31821 worked only when the paladin heals only himself. Rewritten artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=209223 Now the bonus will correctly act on the value of the missing health indicator (even in the description), and not increase the current healing ability Fixed a bug where the damage of talent https://wowhead.com/spell=217020 going to each subsequent secondary goal was reduced several times depending on the number of targets that hit The maximum time of action https://wowhead.com/spell=132403 now is three times the base time of action Now when updating or extending the effect https://wowhead.com/spell=132403, when the effect is being consumed https://wowhead.com/spell=242869, the effect of reducing damage will be correctly calculated and not be the maximum possible for the entire duration Fixed doubling of the bonus kit https://wowhead.com/spell=251869 when you are equipped with a bonus https://wowhead.com/spell=251870 Now the talent https://wowhead.com/spell=198054 in the “Protection” specialization reduces the recovery time of the Hammer of Justice in PvP not by 10 seconds, but by 5 seconds. Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207028 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before). Recovery time https://wowhead.com/spell=215652 increased from 25 to 45 seconds. Death knight: Fixed a bug where the talent https://wowhead.com/spell=204160 hit one target several times in a row if there were no “neighbors” available in the range and sometimes caused damage twice when moving to the next target Fixed a bug when the effect of the artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=193213 accumulated a larger share of the periodic damage caused by the https://wowhead.com/spell=55078 ability than expected Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207018 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before). Now in PvP https://wowhead.com/spell=238698 imposes on the death knight and his allies the effect of self-healing, which restores their health in the amount of 8% of the total damage done (previously the amount of self-healing was 20%). Warlock: The implementation of the artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=224103 is rewritten. Now that you have the talent https://wowhead.com/spell=152107 active, you will call additional infernals through the use of the https://wowhead.com/spell=171152 ability (the main combat ability resulting from the Daemon Control ") Fixed talent https://wowhead.com/spell=235157 Now the artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=199214 increases the effectiveness of Healing the Soul healing by 3% per rank, not 10%. In PvP mode, this figure will still be equal to 10% for each rank The damage of the https://wowhead.com/spell=172 ability has been reduced by 6%, but the damage in PvP will remain the same. The damage of the https://wowhead.com/spell=980 ability has been reduced by 6%, but the damage in PvP will remain the same. Now the feature of the artifact https://wowhead.com/spell=224103 allows you to call on 1 infernal more in arenas and rating battlefields (previously 3 infernal were additionally called for). Now https://wowhead.com/spell=212282 deals damage of 2% of the target’s maximum health (not 3%).