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    Rogue Order Hall: No Scouting Map

    The scouting map wont give me quests for other zones. For example I took a quest for Zuldazar quest line, did some quests and that was it. I think there are no more quests in Zuldazar for me, but when I open the scouting map to start a quest line to another zone, there is nothing. Is there any way to fix this problem?
  2. Lorettafakly

    Quest: To the Deeps, Artifact quest chain

    Good luck on your build and have fun This one is a biggie so take your time, do one thing at a time, and post lots of pictures Looks like your all set to go
  3. Lorettafakly

    Launcher seeding

    My launcher is stuck at 33 and says calculating differences but im looking at the loading stuff and keeps loading things and i dont know how much longer it will take plz help me