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  1. ArenaMaster

    Сomplaints to Wintrading

    This topic is intended for complaints about the discharge of the arena of game worlds x5 and x100. Leave applications in the form: 1. Your nickname, your world 2. Nicknames of violators 3. Description of the violation, why you suspect that the user has violated the rules of the game, what type of bracket (2x2, 3x3) 4. Evidence of violation, proof are convincing screenshots, or video.
  2. \ Dear players! May 1, 2019 ends Vindictive Gladiator : Legion Season 1. It was decided not to reward due to the low activity of the participants this season. Information about the upcoming season will be published later.
  3. Dear players! 1 February we are launching Vindictive Gladiator: Legion Season 1. It will last 3 month and end 1 may 2019. May 1 to may 7: checking logs and issuance of the punishment for players who purposely loses arena May 7 to may 14: issuance rewards for winners. I do not recommend before closing of the season to transfer your character on other fraction or change nickname, you risk not receiving the reward. Information can be change or supplemented.
  4. ArenaMaster

    Ban Appeals

    Good day, dear guests and visitors of the forum! Do you think that the lock was issued unfairly? You can appeal the blockage in this topic. Before the create appeal, read our rules, compare with your punishment to avoid unnecessary appeals! Creating the post by template: 1) Locked account 2) Provide your in-game character name. 3) Date of incident 4) The reason for blocking. 5) Please indicate the reason, why your account should be unlocked. Add any proofs of your innocence. Attention! Posts that are not in the form will be deleted. Remember, we have 72 hours for application consideration