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  1. Koro

    Server crashed - cant get back to new dalaran

    i think u make small problem to a very big problem open ur chat and ask a mage to make a portal for u lol
  2. Koro

    We are looking for new team members

    Here my skype live:fire_wall7000 Have a nice day 🌹 Send invitation to Skype
  3. Koro

    We are looking for new team members

    Name : karim Age 25 Nick name in wow : koro I´ve been playing WoW since 10 years i have alot of XP I can be always online 5 hours aday. Iam helpful for others and i can handle any setuation. i like our server argus and i will be there active anytime with all of love. Languages Arabic. English. Hebrow
  4. Join our new allince English guild We are active and helpful Wis for more info allince players KORO. Zekks. And onderon
  5. Koro

    Transmog vannila legendarys

    Hello dear admin Can i transmog vanilla legendary wepon in our server.. And thank u for ur help
  6. Koro

    Our new English Guild

    Hello dear Players We are an active guild and looking for English players Wispher me for info.. Allince side main : koro Horde side name : Toroz We are helpful and we got along of XP in wow game.
  7. Koro

    Transfair charctur from monster wow

    Hello Admin U fixed the problem and now its fine... i put a charcter transfair and its rejected because user name or pass The monster main website are in Update now and they have issue with entering the website ... But the same username and pass working 100% in the game. I hope u will look again for it in the game not in website. Thx for ur support.
  8. I cant make a transfair because the server not allow me to complete the command in last box
  9. Koro

    LFG Penalty not enabled?

    i have the same problem when i que group finder . when someone cancel to join i stay in que the hole day and i cant join bgs or any group finder untel the server restart .