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  1. Brownie

    Create a Guild

    If you have any difficulties, write to us
  2. х100 убийство http://immage.biz/image/SZvH голд http://immage.biz/image/SZUF репутация http://immage.biz/image/SZvS х1 убийство http://immage.biz/image/SZUD голд http://immage.biz/image/SZvK репутация http://immage.biz/image/SZUd Все в порядке с рейтами
  3. Баг-трекер тут http://forum.arguswow.com/forum/21-bug-tracker/ Инструкции по работе с ним найдете там же. По рейтам проверим.
  4. Вы о каком мире говорите? х100? Там недавно было обновление и рейты установлены согласно этим в теме - http://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1442-information-about-the-game-world-argus-x100/
  5. Brownie

    Create a Guild

    Hello! To which capital and at which NPS are you trying to create a guild?
  6. Brownie

    Blood Elf Mount

    You can ask the magicians to put you a portal. Please report a bug with a sphere to the bug tracker -
  7. Brownie

    Blood Elf Mount

    Hi! Mount is bought from NPCs https://www.wowhead.com/npc=16264/winaestra
  8. Rates game world x100 Gold: х3 Honor: x1 Reputation: x5 XP: x100 Quests: x50 Professions: x10 Drop: х5
  9. Brownie

    Reputation problems.

    What kind of quest is it about?
  10. Brownie

    Shaman Order Hall Quest *info*

    Hello! Please report bugs to the bug tracker - http://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1407-instructions-for-working-with-the-bug-tracker/ Our developers do not attend the forum and they learn about all bugs through the bug tracker
  11. Brownie

    The Sword of Kings bugg

    We are glad that everything worked out for you!
  12. Brownie

    Vote Store Items!

    Thank you for participating in the discussion! In the near future I will try to rework the rewards for voting
  13. Brownie

    The Sword of Kings bugg

    Hello! What game world are you on? And write your nickname
  14. Brownie

    Give me Sight Before Sight quest bug

    Hello! Report bugs to the bug tracker http://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1407-instructions-for-working-with-the-bug-tracker/
  15. Brownie


    Hello! Up to 50 per day