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    Ник, игровой мир?
  2. Brownie

    Cannot log in for first time

    Registration on the forum and in your account https://cp.arguswow.com/auth/login are two different registrations. If you use the data from the forum, then they are not suitable for entering games
  3. Brownie

    I really bored wait for my migration request

    Some types of problems cannot be solved as quickly as you want
  4. Brownie

    I really bored wait for my migration request

    Hello! Check out this news https://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1627-the-transfer-of-characters-has-been-temporarily-suspended/
  5. Brownie

    Can't change on x5 server xp from x1 to x5

    In the starting locations of pandaren, worgen, goblins, death knights, an increase in experience does not work until you pass the mandatory starting quest chain
  6. Brownie

    Cannot log in for first time

    Hello! What email is used for login?
  7. Brownie

    Can't change on x5 server xp from x1 to x5

    Hello! What is your character’s race and what location is it in?
  8. Brownie

    Launcher not working

    To install, create a new empty folder and install the game there
  9. Brownie

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Dear players! We congratulate you on this romantic holiday! We also want to admit that we sincerely love our players! We wish you to find your love, and those who have found it, to keep it for many years. And, of course, on such a wonderful holiday one cannot do without the action: - You can get a character of maximum level and in equipment 910 ilvl when creating a new account during the action. - 20% off. Discount applies to all donation (items, services, etc.). The action will last 3 days: February 13, 14, 15.
  10. Brownie


    Hi! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer - https://forum.arguswow.com/topic/1627-the-transfer-of-characters-has-been-temporarily-suspended/?tab=comments#comment-3344
  11. Dear players! For technical reasons, requests to transfer characters to our server are temporarily not checked. We are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible and in the near future everything will work in normal mode. We apologize for the wait. Thank you for staying with us!
  12. Brownie

    You have been disconnected BLZ51901021

    Hello! Try adding the game and launcher to the antivirus and firewall exceptions
  13. Brownie

    My Character is stucked

    Hello! Character nickname?
  14. Brownie

    Can not log in for the first time

    Check the WTF folder, there should be an ArgusWow file, open it with notepad and check the contents. There should be these lines at the beginning: SET portal "login.arguswow.com:1119"
  15. Brownie

    Boost lvl 110 - ilvl 910 bug?

    Hey! Write me the account login, I will check
  16. Brownie

    Report a Player

    Good day, dear visitors our forum. This topic for complaints of violations by players Comprising a complaint on the sample: 1) Nickname injured person. 2) Nickname of violator. 3) Violation ( say, what violated the player, whose nickname indicated in paragraph 2). 4) Evidence of violation ( Screenshots/Video). Be attentive: 1) Chat on screenshot must be on translucent background (i.e textures should be visible outside the chat). 2) Screenshot must be a normal size so that it can be considered violations proof. 3) Copy the name of screenshot . It will be looking like that "WoWScrnShot_050114_181747" 4) Screenshots shouldn't be edited. Any making marks, cutting screenshots, etc. will lead to the refusal of the complaint. Attention! Posts that are not in the form will be deleted. Remember, we have 72 hours for application consideration
  17. Brownie

    Ошибка BLZ 51914003

    Вводите неверные данные от аккаунта, либо клиент не наш
  18. Пропадает сразу при вступлении в группу? Повторное подключение к чату тоже не помогает?
  19. Brownie

    Аукцион кросс сервера

    Экономика на серверах разная + технические моменты. Аукцион общим не планируем делать
  20. Brownie

    mailbox bug

    Hello! What kind of items were sent? Write a link to them from Wowhead.com?
  21. Brownie

    server's popolation

    Hello! Online shared - We have a cross server with two projects, you can choose any rate on our server from x5 or x100 that you like.
  22. Brownie

    i am looking for help

    Hello! What exactly is your problem?
  23. Brownie

    Ошибка BLZ 51914003

    Сейчас все в порядке?
  24. Brownie

    Carbonite 7.3.5

    Hello! The latter was for 7.3.0 https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/carbonite/files Doesn't she work for you?
  25. Brownie

    Character transfer form; realmlist

    Hello! If you have the same problem, then the answer is given above