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  1. Brooklyn

    The Low Road

    My bad. Fixed. I think it be works tomorrow.
  2. Brooklyn

    Changing of the Gar'dul

    fixed after next update
  3. Brooklyn

    Spirits of the Water

    fixed after next update
  4. Brooklyn

    Peering Into the Past

  5. Brooklyn

    [Pandaria,Jade Forest] The Right Tool for the Job

    fixed after next update
  6. Brooklyn

    Restoring Jade's Purity

    fixed after next update
  7. Brooklyn

    [Pandaria, Jade Forest] Smoke before Fire

    fixed after next update
  8. Brooklyn

    A Gift for Tina

    check if after next update
  9. Brooklyn

    A Gift for Gina

    fixed after next update
  10. Brooklyn

    Operation: Stir the Cauldron

    We hasn't to many data for script it faster. So I'll temporary set in on autocomplete.
  11. Brooklyn

    Assault on Dreadmaul Rock

    Hm, this NPC is missed in DB. What NPC you check for this quest? I'll spawn NPC that shown on wowhead, so he's appear after next update.
  12. Brooklyn

    Once More Unto The Breach, Hero

    fixed after next update
  13. Brooklyn

    The Broken Front

    fixed after next update
  14. Brooklyn

    Blinding the Eyes in the Sky

    fixed after next update
  15. Brooklyn

    That's Abominable!

    fixed for both factions after next update