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    985 Trinkets in store

    I was going through the store and noticed a few trinkets that I would really like can't be bought at the 985 item level and was wondering if they could be added? The trinkets are: Deteriorated Contruct Core (The Curator, Return to Karazan) Umbral Moonglaives (Sisters of the Moon, Tomb of Sargeras) Thanks for your time, Swifts
  2. Swifts

    We are looking for new team members

    1. Your name and age My name is Liam and I am 22 2. Your nicknames in the game My in-game name is Swifts 3. Few words about your WoW experience and WoW accomplishments you would like to tell about. I have been playing wow for pretty much as long as I can remember. I really enjoyed Legion especially as it was when I felt I really thrived in wow, I was #1 in the world for a few fights in Heroic Antorus, as well as being top 5 tanks on Frostmourne for mythic+ (most popular Oceanic server). It wasn't in legion but it definitely helped me get my foot in the door for raiding and mythic+ in legion, I was also the #1 hunter in Oceania during HFC. 4. Few words about you (sports, hobbies etc.). I am and always have been a gamer. I enjoy playing sports from time to time but more often then not you will find me at my PC enjoying a game with friends. I am either at work, sleeping, on my phone or on my PC xD 5. Some sentences about your reason to create this application. I've created this application because I want to help create an unforgetable experience in WoW for people. I've really enjoyed playing wow throughout its expansion but Legion was my favourite so to be able to possible be on an admin team for a server that is Legion specifically would be amazing! 6. Skype Id I never use skype but my skype is: live:liam.carlin1997 If its easier/better you can also contact me on discord on: Swifts#2947 7. Languages English ______________________________________________ Hello! I sent you an invitation on Skype