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  1. Preto3

    Death Gate

    I use death gate to go to class hall and when i try to use it again i dont get teleported to the previous location i was, like it says in the description, instead i get teleported to stormwind.
  2. Preto3

    Anti Magic Shell

    Blood dk antimagic shell doesnt regenerate runic power when hit with magic abilities.
  3. Preto3

    Earth and Fire elementals

    Yes, It is true but just sometimes. I can't understand how that happens.
  4. Preto3

    Hand of guldan

  5. Preto3

    The Underking

    https://www.wowhead.com/quest=39780/the-underking The Underking Quest from Highmountain cannot be complete.
  6. Preto3

    Item Stats Bug

    The 875 neck is giving less stats then the 860 neck. They are both from World Quests. I dont know if this is supposed to happen.
  7. Preto3

    Character map track

    It doens't show the track of party or raid member on the map properly. We should be able to see people moving on the map. And they appear offline when they are in another instance.
  8. Preto3

    Mythic+ not giving correct loot

    I did a mythic 2 (maw of souls) and got a piece from mythic 3. But i think it's just visual because i got 845 gear which is correctly.
  9. I can't attack Thondrax. It says "Target not in line of sight".
  10. I kill the boss but the world quest doesnt finish.
  11. Preto3

    Black Rook Hold

    Before Smashpite the Hateful (3rd boss), they keep spawning infinite bats.
  12. Preto3

    Vault of the Wardens

    Before last boss, there is no light to take it and the mobs take less dmg.
  13. Preto3

    Earth Elemental

    https://www.wowhead.com/spell=198103/earth-elemental Earth Elemental just follow me and cant do any damage.
  14. Preto3

    [fix] Scouting Map Quests

    Scouting Map Quests: Val Sharah, Highmountain and Stormheim not working, cannot take the quest.
  15. Preto3

    Fist of Fury

    When i cast fist of fury on a target and the target dies, it continues doing damage but the annimation and the channeling stop working. That means i can fist of fury while doing other abilities.