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  1. ampaex

    The server should not sell gold

    I understand... And why you don't give anything else in echange for a wow token instead of playing time? I'm not an expert in wow, but maybe you can give a random rare special mount or pet, cosmetics... Maybe something I don't know yet.
  2. ampaex

    The server should not sell gold

    I'm leaving here an article referring this problem https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/22/17759824/world-of-warcraft-azeroth-economy-gold
  3. Hello everyone, I have been playing as an undead monk and I feel I deal too much damage, is this normal? I also have noticed that npc have more health points than retail version. There is any kind of alteration in the damage or the hp of the enemies on this server?
  4. I think that a server which wants to have a real and usable economy should not sell or introduce artificially gold to the server due to the inflation of the money. People who has arrived and is starting will find very high prices in the auction house if they don' really want to spend any kind of "token" on gold, consequently it destroys any kind of activity in the market. In my point of view it's the worst problem on private servers. That's why in wow retail they don't sell gold, it's interchanged to other player by a token. There are other ways to earn money in a server, it destroys a lot of gaming experience.