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    1. Your name and age Christopher | 18 2. Your nicknames in the game [Horde] Sarglaive / Corthul [Alliance] 3. Few words about your WoW experience and WoW accomplishments you would like to tell about. I am playing World of Wacraft since TBC and from all expansions is legion my favourite. I hasn't earned any place in any list but i also don't care about it because i know what i can do and what i don't can do. 4. Few words about you (sports, hobbies etc.). I've been a Gamer for so long that I can't remember since when xD I play Guitar, like riding my bike and like Gaming ;D 5. Some sentences about your reason to create this application. I love the expansion, i love the game, i know the most GameMaster commands, i love the Server, i love the people i met and i want to give something back to the server. 6. Skype Id don't often use Skype, but: live:checker.christoph Discord: DxruThul#1587 7. Languages German / English ------------------------------------------ Sent a request to skype and discord