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    Big latency while WoW is not running

    closing launcher didn't help, I had to delete whole wow bcs, it was destroying our internet you know... in task manager was nothing connected with wow or other weird stuff, my brother was checking it too, he knows PCs and other stuff really good, he didnt know too.
  2. kralickomut1

    Big latency while WoW is not running

    I mean, the WoW is the problem, other games are okay, if I let wow running my connection is normal about 30ms, when I quit it whole connection is going to 600 ms and higher, it happend to me on other unofficial servers too... my internet is okay as well untill I installed wow everything was okay, its not chance. I think it is maybe something with the "cracking programm" that is cracking the game to unofficial if you understand me, it happend to me on other servers too so... If I want do anything on internet or play other game I have to let WoW running or delete it... please help me asap.
  3. Hey, I just installed your WoW client and downloaded whole game, everything is working etc. But when I quit WoW, my ping is around 600 ms instead of normally 23ms. When I run WoW ping (latency) is okay as normaly before I installed the WoW. It's really weird and also it is interrupting our whole site in the house, when my WoW is not running, high latency is on all ours PC, mobiles, etc. Please help me if you know how. Thanks for an answer.