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  1. Druulz

    Ban Appeals

    Account is still banned. Is it possible to look into it and lidt the ban? Perma ban is still active. Thank you
  2. Druulz

    Ban Appeals

    Hi. My forum name is Druulz but I go by the name of Blood on both WoW and Discord. I am hereby representing Nightslayer. I am the only one to discuss anything related to his ban and I am not answering for any other members / players intrusions, if it was to happen. Confirmation of this statement can be sent from Nightslayer directly to a head Game Master or Administrator via Discord if requested. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Locked account: [email protected] 2. In-game character name: Nightslayer 3. Date of incident: 2019-04-30 4. Reason of blocking: Wintrading 5. Please indicate the reason, why your account should be unlocked. Add any proofs of your innocence: First of all, Iwould like to say that I heard / read many accusations regarding players & Staff members recently. I want to point out that this Ban Appeal is not in anyway an attack to staff members nor any players. The purspose of this is to evaluate the validity of the ban, the severity of the punishment and the weither or not it can be prooved that a rule has been broken. The case: The player Nightslayer has been accused of ''wintrading'' the 2019-04-30. He was sentenced by (game master?) Shizu to a 15 day ban starting on the same day. I ask that all proof of such actions, and all information provided to and taken into consideration by Shizu concerning the wintrading ban be displayed openly here so we can evaluate the validity of it. Nightslayer is concerned that this action is the result of a setup against him involving collusion between some players and the game master in question. I do not wish to harm anyone by making such accusation without no reasonable proof and can't says if it is true or not so I won't consider it. But I would suggest that another staff member be in charge of this ban appeal in order to be clearly impartial. I won't go too far before the proof is dispayed so we can have something to start but in the meantime I am curious to know why the sentence has been 15 days? I know Game Master gets to decide the punishment but 15 day ban to me seem very harsh for a first offense. Also it is twice the duration suggested in the Arena Rules, found under the Arena section of the forum and posted by Brownie on March 15th: Any of the following actions will result in a temporary ban of your in-game account: Arena farming (join the arena with your own chars / just join/leave / wintrading); - 7 day ban each character-perpetrator (for draining several charms on the account bans will be summed up), resetting the rating, honor points, prestige, and if available, all pvp equipment, pvp achievements, legendary items and Artifact Power from violators will be removed. Another thing I would like to be explained. Wintrading involves more than one player, I think we can agree on that and to my knowledge Nightslayer is the only player who got banned. Can you explain why that is please. We will be waiting on the proof to be posted, and the question to be answered. Thank you.
  3. It has been discussed recently over the server that the world quest would be unlocked on an alt character only by reaching friendly reputation with the 5 broken isles faction even if you had already unlocked them on another character. I would like to point out that this is wrong. Issue Any alternate character that reach level 110 needs to unlock World Quests by reaching friendly reputation with the 5 Broken Isles faction. How it should be - Your first character to reach level 110 has to do Uniting the Isles (quest #43341) - Upon reaching level 110 on any other character, you should be given Uniting the Isles (quest #45727) from Khadgar and unlock world quest instantly without having to reach friendly reputation with Broken Isles factions. References Quest to unlock WQ on first 110: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=43341/uniting-the-isles Quest to unlock WQ on alts: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=45727/uniting-the-isles Gamepedia: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Uniting_the_Isles_(alt) Blue post on officials forum: '' If you haven't unlocked World Quests on an alt yet, you'll be pushed a quest automatically upon hitting 110 (or upon logging in if you're already 110) to visit Khadgar in Dalaran. Simply talking to him will then unlock World Quests and give you the whistle ''
  4. So I have 2 days /played on my DK at max level and I have seen only 4 or 5 uncomon or rare items drop from mobs in the Broken Isles. The last one was ilvl 680 green and the other only came from elite mobs, were rare items and they couldn't be disenchanted wich brings me to my main problem: Finding items to disenchant and get Enchanting materials. I get epic mats as much as needed with WQ but the dust and shards are rare because the uncomon/rare items drop is pretty much inexistent in the Broken Isles. Would it be possible to raise the drop rate ? I mean I played retail for months during Legion and never had this problem... Do other have notice no green or blue item drops from Broken Isles mobs?
  5. Ticket can be closed. I read about some Debug NPC and found him in-game. I bough my artifact. But could it not be 1.160g please? Seems a bit expensive for a bug
  6. In order for the quest to be available you need to be 102 and have completed the Falling Star quest line. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=44009/a-falling-star Id you are 110 I suggest you have some gear cause mobs aren't that easy in the Exodar scenario...I'm failing it at 618 ilvl but hey...I'm not the most experienced frost DK out there 😂