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  1. Page 1 "Page 9" is found inside Legerdemain Lounge ground floor on the bookshelf ( https://i.imgur.com/CQTLhKw.jpg ) Page 2 Page 78" is found in Duskwood, on the table near the moonwell in Twilight Grove /way Duskwood 49 33 on the table near the moonwell ( https://i.imgur.com/mozABLc.jpg ) Page 3 "Page 161" is found inside Firelands, on the left rear of the Ragnaros platform ( http://imgur.com/CjWkLS0 ) Page 4 "Page 655" is found east of the Lost City of the Tol'vir /way Uldum:Kalimdor 70 78 between the two small trees ( http://imgur.com/cvKZ0Zu ) Page 5 - "Page 845" is found in the Sha of Pride room from Siege of Orgrimmmar In the far back left corner of the room (south-west on the minimap) (http://imgur.com/CUhdYlU ) Page 6 "Page 1127" is found inside the Well of Eternity dungeon from Caverns of Time ( http://imgur.com/GZGDuN6 ) Page 7 "Page 2351" is found near Shado-Pan Monastery in Kun-Lai Summit /way Kun-Lai Summit 34.6 50.9 at the base of the statue ( http://imgur.com/XBau2ei ) Page 8 "Page 5555" is found in Uldum /way Uldum:Kalimdor 76.4 53.6 at the base of the statue ( http://imgur.com/kVPJHIa ) Gift of the Mind-Seeker is found on the west coast of Westfall /way Westfall 30.5 28 Gift of the Mind-Seekers ( http://imgur.com/yHoiQ0L ) Grats on your new mount!