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  1. caedus

    Weird texture

    Oh ok! Thank you very much!
  2. caedus

    Weird texture

    It's been few weeks now since i did a pandaria raid. I believe it's after finishing it that my character became green-ish like a ghost. I can't remove it, there's no active effect. I tried to change my appearance or equipment, nothing worked. Can someone fox it please?
  3. caedus

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    Thanks for answering! Yes i dropped the schematic as well, I just wonder how to up the reputation in order to get the mechano hog, giving that woltk dungeon don't give any reputations
  4. caedus

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    No one knows?
  5. caedus

    damage reduced in old raids?

    I noticed the same thing. It's not about a specific NPC, it's a general reduction of damage in every old dungeons and raids against every mobs and bosses (from Vanilla to Warlords of Draenai)
  6. caedus

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    Thnak you for answering. Yes i Know that. The thing is how to get the reputation? Normally you get it doing the 80 dungeons (woltk) without wearing any tabards. It doesn't work (Ally side, i haven"t tried on the other side)
  7. caedus

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    Ok, so i finally dropped the schematic for the sky golem. But I still have no answer for my first question. No one knows anything?
  8. caedus

    Mechano Hog and Sky Golem

    I'm quite new in the server, and I have two questions concerning the ingenieer profession: - How to get the mechano hog shcematic (or Mekgineer's Chopper ) giving that WOLTK dungeons don't give any reputation for the Alliance Vanguard or the Horde Expedition - Can anyone confirm that it is possible to drop the schematic to craft the sky golem? To be clear, my ingenieer is 625/800. Thanks for the replies!