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  1. misternova

    NPC Lieutenant Surtees

    Hello I don't know if this problem was already reported or it was done on purpose but NPC in dalaran named Lieutenant Surtees in Greyfang Enclave is not working. I simply can't interact with him to buy myself transmog armor [item=146132] He should sell gladiator pvp season 1&2 armor sets for mark of honor I don't really know if there's same on horde side NPC counterpart
  2. misternova

    Ore-Choked Heart

    item id: [item=124501] When i try to click it tells in chat ,,prev" but i have 1 rank in living felstone so this item should Begin the quest [quest=38802] you can see in screenshot i click on item and there's chat popup
  3. misternova

    Death Grip

    same here
  4. misternova

    Death of the Eldest

    https://www.wowhead.com/item=122095/crackling-leyworm-core this item is supposed to drop from mobs described in the quest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=37853/the-death-of-the-eldest
  5. misternova

    Scourge Abominations glitches

    so when i was encountering some abominations for example in Andorhal, when they try to hook me and prob other players, they glitch player into ground causing him to fall outside the map.
  6. misternova

    Guild <PolishInvaders> Alliance

    <PolishInvaders> 1st polish community group PolishInvaders? This group consist only of polish people, we are glad to help any pole who wants to join and play game in his main language. We are mainly focused on PVE, we also do PVP occasionally. Remember if there is game, it must have bunch of polaks playing it. How to join: -First of all you must speak Polish -Join discord: https://discord.gg/Q6vJy5P and make application in recruitment area.