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  1. Thanks so much, this worked! I would have never looked for him there, so weird that there are multiple versions of the same person standing around.
  2. this. I have tried so many things to get my second artifact after choosing retribution. Bolstering shows up on the map but not ingame. This should get fixed with high priority.
  3. Groudonx

    Followers activating themselves

    I just got more followers. With 8 followers I need to deactivate 3 to start mission, costing me 750g (shouldnt activating cost gold?). I did this, started missions. A few hours later 2 out of the 3 are now activated again. I deactivated one for 250g, the other one won't deactivate, noone of my followers can be deactivated because nothing happens. So I can't start missions anymore because I have mor than 5 followers. Currently getting more than 5 followers is suicide. Please fix this!
  4. I keep having to spend 250g at least once a day to deactivate followers who activate themselves. Whenever they activate themselves i can start ,issiom necause i have "too many followers". wtf?
  5. I equiped thorim with a legendary armor item, the armor item disappared and his equipment slot is empty.
  6. My paladin lv 100 template character cant get the quest "bolstering your arsenal" to get the second artifact weapon. It is shown on the map as available but isnt available. The character is level 110 and has quite a few class quests done. My warrior was able to get the 2 other artifacts immediatelly after the first one, with the paladin i can't seem to get the second.
  7. There are quite a few world quests that show up on the map of my lv 100 template character, but the quest npc dont show the corresponding quest and thus dont count. Logging to my normal character those quests usually work (with very few exceptions).
  8. Groudonx

    Jewelcrafting: Felslate prospecting drops

    I repeated the felslate prospecting, this time with 1000 felslate. This is the result:
  9. The drops from prospecting felslate are very weird. Afaik they should be balanced, so that every gem color has around the same chance to appear. This is necessary to get all gem colors. However the current outcome is incredibly biased, I prospected 425 felslate to show what I mean: As you can see rare gems of the colors red and yellow are dropping very often, while orange and green are very rare and purple and blue don't drop at all (purple has never dropped for me so far, blue has). You can also see that there is a visible difference between purple and red uncommon gems. Due to those differences leveling jewelcrafting can be hard to impossible. There is also a significant difference between felslate and leystone. I have prospected a smaller amount of 105 leystones for comparison: I am not sure whether the difference is supposed to be so extreme (to compare both drops, the numbers of the leystone drops need to be multiplicated by 4).
  10. hi, the fix doesn't really help me since it only deals with the side effects of the issue, which I can handle by myself. The problem was: Not being able to join dungeon groups because the loading screen wouldn't end. After my first day playing this bug never occured to me again, but around ten times that day. I also saw other players with that problem, one time 3 out of 5 were teleported due to getting stuck. Maybe it is related to already having an internal id for that dungeon, accepting the invite while being in a dungeon or while flying. Maybe it is something else.
  11. After accepting the dungeon finder invite I am getting teleported to the dungeon as normal. However the loadscreen during the teleport never stops (after 5min I stopped waiting). Restarting WoW will spawn me somewhere in the hinterlands where I am being dropped to my death (under the map). Then I need to restart WoW again, because I cannot free my ghost (the button is disabled). After restarting WoW twice I can then try to teleport to the dungeon again just to repeat the cycle. Out of 10 cycles over around 5 different groups I was able to enter a dungeon twice. Very frustrating to say the least. I started playing WoW on this server today and besides a lot of enemies always missing their attacks this is the second largest flaw I have seen so far.