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    Dead corpse fight

    Anyone else had this problem when you are fighting any enemy and it looks like you killed them but they follow you around and attack you as a corpse?
  2. fury565

    Several questions

    Tried to play after fixing my character, seems like they can hit me correctly but almost every enemy deals one damage per any hit and it even happens with elite creatures like Knucklehead which has 2500 Hp. Screenshot provided shows skeleton that has sinked into the ground but because i targeted it before that i was able to attack it with spells and so did was he.
  3. fury565

    Several questions

    1. It actually seems to happen only in certain areas for example while fighting mana wyrms in starting zone i was able to see them dealing some very small damage but when i went to the area near silvermoon city(generally eversong woods 1-10) some creatures didnt deal damage at all. I will try the fix anyway 2. I didn't purchase the battle pet licence if thats what you mean 3. I saw some lynx in the starting area and while i was approaching one of them it suddenly started falling through the ground quickly but only to a certain point. I can still see its name but i cant target it with neither tab or mouse click. Same thing goes for some treants in a nearby zone, I was just walking near it(not too close) and it fell through the ground. Does it maybe have anything to do with my internet speed cause I'm limited to 2Mbps till the end of the month?
  4. fury565

    Several questions

    Hi guys I have a few questions regarding gameplay mechanics. 1. I seem to take no damage from enemies(I can actually hear a sound of getting hit) or they miss me. I can however see other players getting hit without any issues. 2. I can't seem to find any wild pets to battle. Is this intended or just is something wrong at my side? 3. Ground enemies sometimes sink in the terrain and i can't target them properly, but if i have targeted them before they started sinking i can attack them and then they will come out and everything goes normal. Any fix for that? Thanks in advance