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  1. acidviews

    Assult on legion scenario

    sure ok!
  2. acidviews

    Artifact Quest: Doomhammer

    cool man, i can just put in game tickets for now re:bugs etc? I really don't mean to come across as rude or anything, in fact i envy all guys that are really awesome at coding! I think you all do a great job and i wished i knew how, I am very envious lol I can only help by finding and reporting bugs, ill try to do it briefly and not come across as rude or anything. There is a limit in game tickets, you can only use so many letters.
  3. acidviews

    Assult on legion scenario

    The scanario which brings about the death of voljin, tirion etc (horde version) stage (1,2) spawned and fell through boat and then again after cinematic mo'arg painbringer is dead and randomly floating around (stage 4/5) stage 8 lady sylvanis stops and the scene stops too krosus is unattackable and does not move (stage 7/ 😎
  4. acidviews

    Artifact Quest: Doomhammer

    RE: Shaman artifact quest - doomhammer: Enemys took a very, very long time to kill,lv 110 not lv 100, the helper did not help, it also bugged out for me and took a while to work out how to restart quest, eventually found where to go. final boss took sooo long to kill omg most abilites would miss, felspike did no damage to me. when completed the helper spoke russian. afterwards could not pick stormheim to go to quest as ' it was not available to my race ' <pandaren horde> I do not know how to fix bugs i would love to learn, I will volunteer some time to report bugs that a come accross.