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    How do existing accounts receive the boost?

    When will those come through. My account does not have one yet. Or are they yet to come through?
  2. I asked on the forums earlier and I didn't get a comprehensible answer. How and when will the boosts be available if at all to existing accounts.
  3. Or am I going to have to indulge myself and make a new one before May 1st lol.
  4. After entering my acct. info and logging in the screen will freeze, somehow when frozen if I left click my mouse a few times, the screen will unfreeze and take me to my character screen. Then when I try to login to the characters I am just stuck at a loading screen and then the game will become unresponsive. Already cleaned and check the game files and ran from administrator. any tips?
  5. kilimanjaro51

    Game being detected by antivirus

    Fixed it!
  6. My antivirus is telling me that the argus launcher is a trojan. It is also giving all sorts of warnings when I try to launch the game. Ive played many private servers and never encountered this. And when I do get it to launch, when I login the game just crashes. Downloaded in the D drive.