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  1. In Stormheim, one of the quests, Where Dragons Rule, require you to speak with Vethir who is supposed to fly you up to the peak of the mountain. However, when speaking with him and climbing on him, he does not fly. He just stays where he is. Could I maybe receive some advice regarding this please? Thank you
  2. Rhawkie

    Monk Mistweaver Artifact quest bugged?

    EDIT: Whilst moving on to another quest "Mysterious Lightbound Object" and then moving on to the scenario thereafter, it is again glitched to make it "The Broken Shore Scenario". So it seems that every scenario will now be bugged by this Broken Shore scenario (Which I can also not complete).
  3. When I go to Skywall to obtain the Mistweaver Artifact weapon. it says that I am on a different scenario "The Broken Shore" and the image of Typhynius mobs aren't attackable. I can also not get to the final boss, Typhynius, and thus not get the artifact weapons. I have tried relogging, retaking the quest, clearing cache, but nothing is working Please help
  4. Nevermind, found a solution: Just abandon the quest asking you to witness the teleportation, then retake the quest from the questgiver at the top of that ridge in Orgrimmar, where the Illidari gather (close to the flight master, next to the Zeppelin tower). She will give you the quest again and respawn the portal.
  5. So I completed the scenario quest line where you fight the legion (level 100), then I tp'ed back to Orgrimmar (as I should have) completed a few quests there, and then I was supposed to witness the teleportation to Dalaran, and while I was busy with this quest, I was killed by mobs, then everything bugged out and I can't get to Dalaran anymore, I don't have the quest anymore, and I don't know what to do. Can someone please help with this? Thank you Rhawkie