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  1. Phro23n1

    Create a Guild

    In that case, I will get to level 40 and try again. I will reply once I have done that.
  2. Phro23n1

    Create a Guild

    I am currently level 27.
  3. Phro23n1

    Create a Guild

    I am in Orgrimmar, and the NPC is Urtrun Clanbringer <Guild Master>. I click on the Quest "Register a Guild Charter", and nothing happens.
  4. Phro23n1

    Create a Guild

    I have tried to create a Guild. I have a Guild Charter signed by 4 Characters, but I am unable to create the Guild. I go to the Guild Master, and go to the Quest of registering a Guild Charter, but the Quest does not come up. Are there any requirements to be able to create a Guild.
  5. Phro23n1

    Quest [Keli'dan the Breaker]

    I am having the same problem. I have lost count of how many times I have died attempting to finish this quest.