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    Item drop rates.

    I'd like to know if the staff is planning to increase the drop rates of green, blue, and even purple items from normal mobs found troughout the world. I'm curious about this since on the x100 realm you outlevel the zones and potential quest items in the next 2 quests that you complete, effectively leaving you with starter items for most of the time you spend leveling. It's not really an issue (for me) at the moment but it would feel good to get atleast a green or blue drop every now and then while leveling up UNTIL lvl 100, since going into 100 to 110 content the legion quests do a good job of providing gear (from my experince on retail) while doing quests. The same can't be said for quests that are for lvl 1 to 80/90 since by the time you go trough enough quests in a given quest chain to get to the ones that reward you gear, you've already outleveled that zone and even the quests themselves.