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  1. I spent 950 gold on Eagletalon spear Heirloom weapon. When i sent it to my new lvl 1 human warrior through mail, it disappeared. It gave the "mail sent" notification, but it didn't receive. I tried logging out and back in. Is there a way that I still can receive my purchased weapon or atleast get my gold back? Thank you in advance
  2. dukezz

    Marksmanship Artifact: Bug

    I encountered the same issue. Tried abandoning, relogging, and retaking the quest. First of all, Vereesa is supposed to accompany you to the end and then let you have the bow. She stops somewhere in the middle of the scenario and ceases to respond to anything. Dialog from the High Inquisitor is missing and it seems that the altar with the weapon on it is not where it is supposed to be. Considering that this server focuses on the Legion part of the game and lets the rest of it just kind of hanging, you would think that atleast the quests for Artifact Weapons do work. I have even tried to get one of the other Hunter's Artifact Weapons, but they don't even start. Please fix this!
  3. This is not a complaint or a report, but more a question. Quests in Outland and Northrend are missing and it is said, because the attention is put more on the legion part, which is understandable. I would just like to know if and when these quests become available.
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    I think it is. Not just the fact that, all of a sudden, I'm not able to log in anymore...but more so, that 3 people in my household have the same exact error on the same exact day. Not trying to blame anyone or diss the server in any way, just trying to understand what was going on. Fortunately, we were able to "fix" the problem. After we did an update, pieces of files seemed to be missing and had to be repaired. In any case, thank you for your response.
  5. dukezz


    When I logged in yesterday, there was NO problem, I have been playing on this server for several weeks now. Today, all of a sudden, me and 2 other players in my household are unable to log in. All of us have the exact same message: "Unable to log in, try again later, error BLZ51901001. I've checked the technical support and tried ALL the tips I could find. Uninstalled and re-installed twice, checked the WTF, flushed the dns, allowed the launcher, through the firewalls and ran the launchers as administrator. What is going on?? If it was just me and I downloaded the game today, I could see it being on my end. But all three of us, on the same day, with the same error???