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  1. Admin

    Cant log in in a specific character

    Hello, after restarting the server, the problem exist?
  2. Admin

    banned from discord

    Will you also continue to discredit the server in DS?
  3. Admin

    замутим руГи за орду?

    Есть русско язычные игроки
  4. Admin


    any client version 7.3.5 is suitable for playing on our server https://arguswow.com/start
  5. Admin


    Hello, we are aware of the problems with the undead, they are fixed after the server reboot, we will try to fix them as soon as possible
  6. Admin

    Ошибка BLZ 51914003

    Попробуйте войти еще раз
  7. Admin

    How to login

    try againt
  8. Admin

    blz51914003 login problem

    try againt
  9. Admin

    Happy New Year!

    The server administration wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let the jubilee year 2020 be more successful, vibrant, light and filled with happy and joyful events for all of us. Thank you for staying with us. Everyone who was with us in December was sent 300 tokens per account!
  10. Admin

    Activating mail

    Hello, did you check the spam folder?
  11. Admin

    Dungeon Finder doesn't work

    Hi, there are not many low level players on the server; therefore, at low levels, it can not find a group for visiting dungeons. We will try to correct the error with the queue on the BG
  12. Admin


    раньше ездил, вы первый кто написал что не ездил
  13. Admin

    Проблемы с аккаунтом

    может заменили какие-то действия после которых это происходит? например после походов на БГ или после поиска подземелий?
  14. Admin

    Does Raid Finder work?

    This is not an actual raid, people rarely go to it, so through LFR you will get there quickly. Even on the official server it was very difficult to get into not an actual raids. To get there, they mostly collect a raid manually or call through chat to register in LFR on different language channels. In times of 7.3.5 on the official server I had to stand in line for 6 hours to get to the tombs of sargeras
  15. Admin

    Проблемы с аккаунтом

    скажите ники чаров с коко на кого пересылаете и не получается + реалм + ид вещи которую пробуете переслать