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  1. i have the ret and holy one ????
  2. zeroupthre

    We are looking for new team members

    1. James - 39 2. Zeroupthere, Kitkat, Moana, Biscuit, Tictac 3. I have played retail up till WotLK , I have been staff on other private servers. I have seven years combined experience as a GM, Super Gm, Senior GM, Helper, Super Helper, Senior Helper, Lead Helper, DB Dev, Donation Team , Livestreamer, Lead Livestreamer. I dealt with in game helping as well as forum help. I tested content that needing testing on the dev realm and reported them to the dev's. I also fixed some NPC's as a DB Dev. I assisted with in game tickets and in game donation's. 4. I just do whatever i can in my life.I help my family when i can 5. I was asked to try and apply 6. bioisback 7. English
  3. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    https://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=281877 the system does not guarantee the receipt of a legendary item, it only increases the chance to receive it depending on the player’s activity. The problem here is if you clicked on the wowhead link it clearly says By gentledementia on 2018/02/14 at 9:18 AM (Patch 7.3.5) Since we are on a progressive realm that would imply that the badluck protection doesn't apply since we are at 7.1 Also https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759436401 are just people's opinions an not an official response or comment from blizzard themselves an present no value whatsoever. I have been playing a total of 11 days on my character almost 8 days of which have been spent on 110 I understand however through some guilis that on official some it took them 3 months..however with some people on horde side getting 4 910 's in a row i dont think the system is fair nor is it balanced..when you mess with loot tables as ive said in a post it messes with all world loot percentages..I feel that the percentage is messed up but its just my thoughts
  4. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    bad luck protection isnt working i have 7 days played time on my lock
  5. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    https://www.wowhead.com/item=132378/sacrolashs-dark-strike https://gyazo.com/aacfe1d7b5439f66b15d38b37e3886ad as you can see he is supposed to drop it ,it's just a low drop %
  6. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    Can you please explain how legendaries have a different drop system?? https://gyazo.com/56e71f63cb1c2efc5f6678832184e0aa Also yes i see the order resources thank you for pointing that out however it gives it a ?? as a drop rate when it's 100% drop rate
  7. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    Can i get someone to take a look at this please?
  8. zeroupthre

    Demons among Us

  9. zeroupthre

    Rare Elite has wrong loot

    https://www.wowhead.com/npc=109677/chief-treasurer-jabrill#drops:mode=noteworthy:0-18+1 can you tell me why this npc is only dropping order resources mainly when that isn't even his loot table it makes it so you dont have a chance at a 910 gear piece when loot tables are messed around with.
  10. zeroupthre

    Gratz on making World Quest's completely useless

    This has been fixed remove the post
  11. zeroupthre

    Soul Beacon

    seems fixed thank you very much
  12. As the title someone said that you lowered the gear you got doing World Quest's ..well congratz on making them totally useless and leveling totally useless too let's just make it a 110 server and call it a day ...i mean on alliance side it's dominated by two russian guild who don't invite outsiders ..what does that mean for other players IE: They wont get the gear they need now..I was in like maybe 3 normal runs and not one useful item i made it to 849 with World Quest's alone...so rip alliance thankfully i have a horde character but this means i can't play my alliance..so again way to go .."golf clap"
  13. zeroupthre

    Soul Beacon