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Found 16 results

  1. I am attempting to turn in the quest Stolen Knowledge but at the local where the NPC should be located she is nowhere to be seen, I could use a hand to fix this issue if anyone knows how to fix it.
  2. Velocity

    My Character is stucked

    My Charakter is stucked in the nowwhere and he is walking 24/7 so i cant teleport or log out and i cant fix it on my own with the control panel because it says "online"
  3. dbtzagattee

    My dungeon finder is bug and invisible

    Please help me i click on find dungeon but not active and i try enter to battleground and,i cant why the dungeon finder is active ...
  4. IvoPK

    Dungeon finder bug

    Hi, when I clicked on "Find Group" at Dungeon & Raids - noting happened. I do not reach to queue for dungeons. After this, when try to "Join Battle" at PVP finder - show this sign (picture below), but the indicator for Dungeon finder on map missing. Try to relog several times - same story. What to do? Thanks! 🙂
  5. IvoPK

    Ogrimmar to Dalaran bug

    Hello, I have a problem. I can't get to Dalaran (Broken Isles). "The Broken Shore" ended in nothing. The teleport that must be in "The Drag" is missing. What to do? How do I continue the game? I'm Demon Hunter, 103 level at Ogrimmar. Thanks!
  6. I recently finished the Order Hall Quest for the shaman. It took 6 tries due to some bugs. When I loaded into the order hall quest I could converse with Thrall but then the rest of the quest was bugged. You are supposed to help the shaman around the area, but this did nothing, and sometimes the intractable objects (such as the stone pillar) wouldn't even spawn. After about 6 resets, which included quitting the quest, leaving the area, and waiting 20 minutes for it to reset I noticed what I believe to be the cause of the error. When starting the quest, I would be put into a group, with myself as the only person in the group. I could tell this because I was marked as the raid leader. After leaving the area, leaving the group, then coming back everything worked. I make this post, not to draw criticism, but to help any shaman players who might run into the same issue, as well as the details of fixing it in case anyone is having similar issues in their quest. The forums seem pretty barren, so it seemed like a good idea to post this here then leave anyone new out to dry.
  7. emmaxxepa

    Quest Blood of my Blood ID 41989

    Please repair quest Blood of my Blood ID 41989! Anarys no appears! Please!
  8. Hi there.. Argusx100 https://www.wowhead.com/quest=41989/blood-of-my-blood After you clicked the grave stone nothing happens..normally anarys lunastre attacks you but he/she doesnt, just waiting there..so you cant finish the questline.. p.s: tried clearing the cache files but it doesnt work.. Can you help tnx..
  9. Khazrogal

    Eye of F'harg

    https://www.wowhead.com/item=153544/eye-of-fharg&bonus=3610:1472 don`t give armor bonus and after use don`t transform to https://www.wowhead.com/item=152645/eye-of-shatug&bonus=3610:1472
  10. Hello! It's me again, I'm now playing a priest in the x100 realm and I can't seem to progress my class hall, some things are missing, allow me to delve deeper into these bugs. The first one I'd like to report is on the Quest Blade In Twilight, I've done all my artifacts, I've gotten all of them but I can't complete this quest, Alonsus and Moira just aren't there, probably a phasing issue. I believe the same issue happens with the Quest Agent Of Aid, the Alonsus that I'm supposed to turn in the quest just isn't there. The Alonsus I'm able to talk only has the options to receive 5 starlight roses and 5 leybloods, which is a quest I've already done ( the one you need to give 100 supplies to your class hall). This is only the tip of the iceberg. For some reason, my mission board has no quests meaning that my champions are stuck at level 103, give or take. To progress to my class hall I need to complete a level 108 class in my mission board, so you can see where this is going. I won't be able to complete those quests with the current level of my followers, so I won't be able to complete my class hall. About acquiring other Champions, the quest The Best and Brightest, which unlocks Zabra Hexx as a champion, I came to his location but after interacting with him, nothing changes. If these fixes come through I would be able to enjoy my class much more, as well as access mechanics that are somewhat core to the Legion gameplay. Thank you for your time, ThicccccBih
  11. Coldrain

    A choice of Allies quest bug

    Hello. This is my first time playing Legion and I'm playing on your realm x100. I'm on the quest chain for the allied races, but I'm also stucked on "A choice of Allies''. The problem is, It doesn't let me choose a race between lightforged draenei and void elf. So I can't complete my quest and go further. Any help will be appreciated. ^^
  12. When you finish quest In Highmountain Defiance of Deathwing and go to turn in you need to take new quest Titanic showdown but npc name Spiritwalker Ebonhorn disappear and you can't contiue with chapter 6 in Highmountai Secrets of Highmountai.Moderators pls fix this you need this achivment for flying in legion.
  13. I think I have the buff the 2 bosses should have... and I die instantly because of that. I also noticed other bugs, like the dwarf not letting you buy/sell anything in the Warlords of Draenor questline and the stages appearing as they should be after they are done (WoD starter quest line again). These can ruin the player experience and make them go and play on the original servers because everything works as intended. Fix your sh*t!
  14. I finally reached Lv 99 after completing the Broken Shore intro scenario and the first thing I did when reaching Dalaran was attempt to obtain my artifact weapon, [Talonclaw]. I play Survival Hunter so the quest was [The Spear in the Shadow]. I accepted the quest and went to [Helmouth Shallows]. But once the area loaded, my quest stated "0/0 Reclaim Talonclaw (Completed)" and stated my objective was to "- Return to Dalaran". I did using my Dalaran Hearthstone and the objective didn't complete. I tried abandoning and retaking the quest. It happened again. I then realized I was placed into the Broken Shore intro scenario once again instead of the quest scenario. I tried going to the Debug NPC in Dalaran and choosing to skip the intro on my characters, but it happened once again. I also tried inserting the quest's ID to the NPC, which also did not help.
  15. 107806 - Prince Galen Trollbane - Not spawned for Death Knights during the Campaign quest in Stromgarde Keep inside the keep. No phase while on the quest may prevented visibility. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=107806/
  16. Waffuru

    Herbs spawning too far apart

    The herbs in broken isles spawn way too far apart, it makes profs like alchemy and inscription almost impossible to use for raids due to not enough herbs. I think spawn rate is ok, could be abit higher, but the spawn points in the problem.