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Where can i Report Bugs

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Bug Report Guidelines: When you report a bug its important that you report it into our bug tracker section and use a template.
Remember that any kind of evidence in form of screenshots or / and video is often required.
Do not spam / bump bug reports as it will be considered spamming.
While waiting for a reply have patience as it might will take a bit time depending on que and priority.
Each successful bug report help's the server and its goal towards remaining as blizzlike as possible.
Bug reports are much appreciated but make sure to check before posting that there isnt already one active.

Bug tracker section: http://forum.arguswow.com/forum/21-bug-tracker/
- Here you can report in any kinds of bugs related to the server in specific categories.

Bug topic creation template: http://forum.arguswow.com/topic/13-topic-creation-template/
- Here you can copy-paste a template to use when reporting in bugs.

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