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My Problems after 7 Days on Argusx100

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  • Legionsinvasion Stormheim does NOT work (final scenario won't work)
  • Can' complete quest for legionfall (Cause Legionsinvasion buggy) -> no achievment possible
  • Suramar: No Quest NPC Spawn -> Can't complete Suramar achievment
  • Argus: Last achievement not working due to missing (or not spawning quest NPC): -> We Have a Problem
  • Hunter Bestmaster Articact quest buggy -> Tugar Bloodtotem not shown / spawn -> The Feltotem Menace
  • All draenor garrisions not working (ok you said work is ongoing)
  • Flight Masters Whistle: Character is mounted on pet, but not starting flying, after relogg my char is in the deep see and DYING
  • Flight Point to Flight Point: Randomly dying by falling
  • Invasion Point Aurinor Buggy (Ghosts are coming and taking after 6 secons if you do not move to them 700k dmg!)

So tell me, is this normal or not only on my account.

@Admin you can log on to my wow account and see that screapy bugs LIVE!

Best regards

A (not so happy) arguswow player!

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These bugs and issues you described are not game-breaking. You can get past them with the help of a GM easily. So I don't see all the fuss happening here.

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Issue an in-game ticket. 

Esc -> Help -> Report a bug

Or ...

Contact a GM through discord.


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