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Update Pack 16 (Part 2)

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  • Now the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=12042 increases the damage inflicted by a character in PvP not by 30%, but by 25%.
  • Mages of Fire specialization will now deal 3% more damage  



Demon hunter: 





Death knight: 

  • Fixed a bug where the talent https://wowhead.com/spell=204160 hit one target several times in a row if there were no “neighbors” available in the range and sometimes caused damage twice when moving to the next target
  • Fixed a bug when the effect of the artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=193213 accumulated a larger share of the periodic damage caused by the https://wowhead.com/spell=55078 ability than expected
  • Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207018 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before).
  • Now in PvP https://wowhead.com/spell=238698 imposes on the death knight and his allies the effect of self-healing, which restores their health in the amount of 8% of the total damage done (previously the amount of self-healing was 20%).




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