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Increase gold rates on x100 realm

Increase gold cap  

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  1. 1. Increase gold cap to x5?

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 Hey just curious if there would be a way to increase the gold rate on the x100 realm to x5. Since the population is relatively low at the moment it is very hard to make gold to buy mounts and other goods from vendors that are high value such as the Champion's treadbladeGrand expedition yakBloodfang cocoon. Without the auction house and players to buy items its extremely difficult to get the gold for these items as well as purchase heirlooms and they could be bought through the store. I feel like a change to the rates for gold would be beneficial because players would be able to afford things such as gear from vendors while leveling since the experience rate is high it is hard to get gear at levels and if the gold rates where changed players would be able to afford these items and be able to gear up when you  are able to buy gear from vendors like in Pandaria. It would be reasonable to change the rates to x5. This rate is not crazy and would allow players to reach gold cap within minutes but it would give you the chance to be able to afford mounts/flying and riding training since you are unable to do dungeon finder while leveling due to low pop, aswell allowing players to purchase heirlooms and gear while leveling and affording items sold by vendors for mount crafting. And all around this would make the player base happier and I'm sure many would agree this would be a good change.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you will take these changes into consideration.

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Dude, this Server is dead, don't waste your time here. I was here 2-3 months ago and I left from here with my friends.

Take this advice.

Have a nice day 😄

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В 17.07.2019 в 18:56, Sintharia сказал:

Привет. Мы с коллегами обсуждаем этот вопрос.

Если чесно тут обсуждать нечего,на х100 при той же копке руды выпадает 1-2-1-2-3 с богатых жыл руды если повезёт выпадет х6,я уже молчу если у кого ювелирка при просеивании вообще мрак полный полный мусор сумки и камней вообще мало,так же и наложением чар при распылении пыль вылетает так же,это хорошо что ещё при копке может выпасть Кровь саргераса хоть как то компенсирует руду,но от руды толку мало если нужны камни.

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