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Argus WoW Best Legion Server
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I tried.



Today I decided to try this game World of Warcraft.

I wanted to play a High rate server because I am not looking to spend 1000 hours on reaching high level.

Your server looked amazing. High exp rate, Legion expansion. So I decided to join. I manage to do lvl.27 and did some quest along the way. I Don't understand why the currency drop is so low, I can't buy anything . Currently I am fighting with lv.1 GEAR, I got 2 Items Lv.10 from Quest. Monsters give me a lot of DMG cuz of my weak gear. So, Please help me understand, what am I suppose to do ? It seems that you give me no choice than to play low exp rate, so I can get some gear along the way... well for that I could just go play Official right ?.......But I don;'t even have 3h/day to play........I don't know...I was so excited to get to know WOW, but after 2h on the server it makes me give up... I tried to create a new character Lvl.100 thinking I could farm some Gold and send it to my low character.... failed miserably. Spent 10 minutes searching on how to Escape Dalaran City so I can go to Stormwind and find Mailbox and Send the 20 Gold to my low lvl character. Failed, the zone where you should find a portal is locked. Don't get it. Please enlighten me.. What am I doing wrong ? I just don't enjoy playing this way........Server is nice, No lag ... only thing is that you make fast lvl , but what's the point when you can't afford gear. 



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