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Instructions for working with the bug tracker

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Instructions for working with the bug tracker

1. Register at http://legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php
After registering and confirming your account, you can report problems.

2. Check the information about the bug you want to report. Maybe someone reported it earlier. To do this, go to the menu and select "Task List".
You can select a search category or enter control words in the search bar. If no one described the bug before you, then create a new task.
In the column "category" select the desired section. If you don’t know which section the bug belongs to, select General. Next, fill in all the items that are marked with an asterisk.
When creating a task, it is important to adhere to the template:

1. Indicate the exact name of the quest, spell, etc. about the inoperability of which you want to report.
2. Indicate the link to the faulty quest / item / NPC / spell, etc.
3. Describe in detail the essence of the bug.
4. Describe how it should work.
5. Screenshots or videos confirming the presence of the problem.

Further testers and developers are already working. In the created task, a responsible tester will be assigned, who will check, write a comment and appoint a developer. Depending on what is happening with this task at the moment, the color of the marker will change.
Important: Do not write multiple bugs in one task. Be prepared for the task to be renamed or transferred, or deleted.


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