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Didnt get an answer....


Original question is this:


Congratulations so far on your work here 🙂

I have a question about costs of training riding skill at lvl 20, it cost more than 4 gold, and me at lvl 20 have a little more than 1 gold. Isnt it a bit expensive to charge more than 4 gold for the first riding skill ?"

Replying with link from wowhead about the requirements and cost of training doesnt really answer my question - I have never played on a server, be that private or retail, where i had to wait with training of riding skill until I was around lvl 30 because I had to wait for reputation to rise. Normally there is more loot from like killing rares, which help towards getting enough gold for training at lvl 20, but here there is nothing extra loot or coins from any of the rares I have killed.

So it might be a good idea to consider changing the amount of loot from rares ?....just a suggestion.


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there will be no increase in the rate of gold or items, as this will severely damage the server’s economy

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thats a shame, I noticed you get 4-6 copper...right, copper....for a lv 25 weapon of green quality, so somehow that doesnt seem right. At the same time the very low vendor prices explain why prices for something like training isnt reached until much later than lvl 20, where it becomes available.

Havent tried that on other servers. 

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