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Guild <Hope> - Alliance

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< Hope >

The First Alliance Guild created on ArgusWoW

What is Hope?
Hope is your Semi-Hardcore / Semi-Casual Guild. We strive to help others succeed where others do not. We are a community of relaxing and helpful kind people.

What is our Goal?
Our main and Primary goal is to help others and to make friends. We want to grow as a strong and helpful Community. We want to help those who are hardcore and those who are casual.

Who may Join Hope?
Everyone will have access to hope. There will be places set for Casual and places set for Hardcore Gamers, who will be put into raid-core groups for end game raids.

How does one Join Hope?
You can Join Hope through Multiple Ways.

  1. Message Me on Discord: NightmaresDev#0001
  2. Whisper Yoru in Game.
  3. Whisper Syrsa in Game.

You can also join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZrK5JRk

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