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Securing a Argus account

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Use a Strong Password
A strong password uses a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols.
You can use a phrase made up of multiple words - it's easier for you to remember, and harder for others to guess.
Most importantly, don't use this password for any other accounts.

Secure Your Computer
Scan your computer for malware, keyloggers, and viruses.
Keep your operating system up to date. Your computer is less secure if you're missing critical security updates.

Friends and Family
Sharing experiences with your friends and family is great—sharing your account with them is not.
Passwords in the world aren't going to mean a lot if your friends or family members have immediate access to your computer. While you may trust them, they may inadvertently expose your account to greater risk. Use the following best practices to make sure you're the only one using the account—don't let someone else get it banned.

Log out of your account or lock the computer every time you step away from the computer.
Do not let your friends or family know your password.

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