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Argus WoW Best Legion Server

We are looking for new team members

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В 09.05.2019 в 7:21 AM, LordSyphilis сказал:



Lars Moeser, 21 years old.



My ingame name is syphilis I've been playing Argus x 100 for a while now. I spend a lot of time in this server because it's so much fun. I have noticed that there are still some mistakes and many players have problems and help where I can only if now and then in the discord or in-game.



I play World of Warcraft since my early childhood on the Official World of Warcraft servers from Classic to Early Legion. Between the new addons, I have also played on a number of private servers or even had some myself. I have experience as Game Master, Supporter, Developer as well as Event Manager or Team Leader. Furthermore, I learn pretty fast and because of my World of Warcraft experience, I also understand things that I do not know quite quickly.



My name is Lars I'm 21 years old and I'm from Germany. I love playing computer games and my hobbies are playing guitar, playing games, making 3D models, animating 3D models and much more.



I would like to join your team and help you out because this server makes a lot of fun and I really like it. I spent a lot of time on this and I will spend a lot of time on it and would like to give something back to the server team. Even if it means for me to join your team. I'm happy to help players and I'm always happy about it if I can put forward tips, suggestions or the like. I hope I can convince you and hope that you give me a chance so that I can prove to you that I fit the perfect for your team. My national language is German, I am also from Germany. I can speak English and of course write better than speaking because I'm still not 100% sure I'm talking. I also know some basics of different programming languages like Lua, C #, C ++, Java it not only not much the basic information but should someday be not a man I can help out there or support.



While I do not use Skype often, this is where my skype name should work
live: wookienetwork1337
If not working, you can reach me on Discord better.
UlrichderEchte # 6758



My languages as already mentioned are German and English but of course I can also chat on other languages through chat. Due to my long time on the computer I can write pretty fast which allows me to quickly translate to other languages or to understand other languages via translation programs.

Yours sincerely

ps. This is the second application because the first somehow disappeared, I hope this does not just disappear.

We liked your profile. We will contact you in the coming days via Skype

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Application form:

1. Your name and age

My name is Preston, and I am 19

2. Your nicknames in the game

I only have one character, and that is Transformer

3. Few words about your WoW experience and WoW accomplishments you would like to tell about.

I have a big passion for people! I was a GM on the bigger servers such as Heroes WoW, Firestorm, WoW Freakz, and many others. I have been playing wow for about 10 years now and have a broad knowledge of the game.  I know how stressful being a GM can be, and I know how to handle it. As well as handling the disrespect and dishonor from the members of the community, but I know that they do not mean it personally! I have been a GM on servers for the past 6 years of my WoW time, that includes 3 years on Heroes WoW! I am creative when it comes to hosting Events as well!

4. Few words about you (sports, hobbies etc.).

I am someone who is very passionate about people. I want to make sure that everyone is happy to the best of my ability, of course I know I am not going to be able to always please everyone, but the thought of being able to help someone encourages me a lot when it comes to motivation. I have a lot of free time now that it is summer, so I will be able to dedicate a lot of time to the server as well as the discord and help populate the server with a bunch of active members! I am going to college to get my degree in human service, so I guess you can say I help people for a living so this is a perfect match!

5. Some sentences about your reason to create this application.

I have seen a lot of comments on the server about how the GMs and Administration "don't care anymore" and I know that isn't true and I want to change that. I want to help change the face of the server to something more positive, something that people can count on and go to for information when they need it. I want to do my best to change the over all look towards the server. I will be on almost every day GMing as well as just playing the game and enjoying the server! My overall reason of making this application, is to give what I have that no one else has to the server and make it a better place!

6. Skype Id


7. Languages

I only speak english, but I can understand some German as well as Spanish!


We will contact you in the coming days via Skype

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On 4/1/2019 at 2:45 PM, zeroupthre said:

I am re doing my application.

1. Hello My name is James and I am 39 years old.

2. I play multiple characters in game ...Here are just a few Zeroupthere, Kitkat, Moana, Biscuit, Tictac

3. I have played retail WOW up till WotLK and I have been staff on other private servers. I have seven years combined experience as a GM, Super Gm, Senior GM, Helper, Super Helper, Senior Helper, Lead Helper, DB Dev, Donation Team , Livestreamer, Lead Livestreamer. I dealt with in game issues as well as forum help.As a Helper I tested content on the dev realm and reported them to the dev's. As a GM I responded to tickets Daily and was promoted. Over time I made it to Senior GM. As a Senior Gm My duties were in game tickets, forums, Dealing with Donation Tickets  and mentoring new GM's. I also was a DB Dev for a bit dealing with some npc issues in WOTLK.

4. I enjoy helping because I see it as a way to connect with other players and to help them enjoy the game even more.

5. The reason I made this application is because I feel with my vast knowledge and skill set and the multiple years of experience I have would make for a great addition to your team.  I believe in striving to be the best professionally in game and out. I believe I represent what you are looking for in a candidate that is motivated and qualified.

6. bioisback

7. English but can use Google Translate 


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1. Aaron, 21.

2. Methusilah

3. Have been playing since Vanilla without a break. Am a high key runner on live WoW, AOTC for the big BFA raid. Mythic Raider. Was a GM of [BFA] Promised-War as Itachi, before it died out.

4. Hobbies: Music, playing WoW, and playing with friends.

5. I have come to help provide good service and support / information, helping others, helping the server stay populated, etc. Making sure there's no toxicity / harassment / cheaters, etc.

6. live:riplilpeep72

7. English.

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Posted (edited)

1. Your name and age; 25, Real name is Luke.

2. Your nicknames in the game?: x100 Server username is 'Clem' x5 Server username is 'Peril'.

3. Few words about your WoW experience and WoW accomplishments you would like to tell about. I've been playing WoW retail/server on and off now for about 11 years - still currently playing retail WoW but that's about it; along with Argus-Wow. I've been a GM etc on many servers & know the path inside & out. One of my best accomplishments on WoW would be when I finally got that Proto-Drake mount after a years grind! :3 

4. Few words about you (sports, hobbies etc.). Well, I'm Luke & I'm 25. I'm a father to a daughter who's know in School so I've got plenty of free time up my sleeves. Hobby wise I love Golfing, Dirt Bike riding (Trail Bikes) & Fishing. 

5. Some sentences about your reason to create this application; The reason I created this application is to offer my 100% dedicated help, and not to mention I have a load of free time up my sleeves, so I wouldn't want to miss my opportunity on applying if there is any room for more staff to answer tickets and make sure Argus is full of warm welcomes & that everyone feels at home! 

6. Skype Id Don't use Skype any more, prefer Discord but can jump on if needs be. Luke.helton1 is my Skype ID. Discord [Hotyute#3037]

7. Languages English Only, (Australian).

We will contact you in the coming days via Skype. (Sintharia)
Added you in the discord, waiting for confirmation of the application (Sintharia)

Edited by Sintharia

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Guest Sabastian Groshans

My name is Sabastian Ballantyne  I am 21

My in-game characters name is voidmaker

I have been playing wow since I was 10 and Always find love in it.  I find love most in the stories in the game and if I was a staff member I would make sure that more people can experience the stories.

My hobbies are photography and learning new things.

As stated above I want people to experience the stories

I don't have a skype but can make one.

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