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Rare Elite has wrong loot

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On 2/26/2019 at 10:12 PM, zeroupthre said:

Chief Treasurer Jabrill


can you tell me why this npc is only dropping order resources mainly when that isn't even his loot table it makes it so you dont have a chance at a 910 gear piece when loot tables are messed around with.

Order resources is supposed to drop from this npc, u might just have skipped it as it goes under  currencies.

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if you are talking about legendary items, they should not be dropped from this mob, the legendary items have a different drop system

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Can you please explain how legendaries have a different drop system??


Also yes i see the order resources thank you for pointing that out however it gives it a ?? as a drop rate when it's 100% drop rate

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legendary items are dropped by the system of bad luck protection from any NPC in the world, the fact that wowhead in the loot they are a bug

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Posted (edited)


the system does not guarantee the receipt of a legendary item, it only increases the chance to receive it depending on the player’s activity.

The problem here is if you clicked on the wowhead link it clearly says By gentledementia on 2018/02/14 at 9:18 AM (Patch 7.3.5) 
Since we are on a progressive realm that would imply that the badluck protection doesn't apply since  we are at 7.1
Also https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759436401 are just people's opinions an not an official response or comment from blizzard themselves an present no value whatsoever. I have been playing a total of 11 days on my character almost 8 days of which have been spent on 110 I understand however through some guilis that on official some it took them 3 months..however with some people on horde side getting 4 910 's in a row i dont think the system is fair nor is it balanced..when you mess with loot tables as ive said in a post it messes with all world loot percentages..I feel that the percentage is messed up but its just my thoughts
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