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Ban Appeals

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Good day, dear guests and visitors of the forum!

Do you think that the lock was issued unfairly? You can appeal the blockage in this topic.

Before the create appeal, read our rules, compare with your punishment to avoid unnecessary appeals!


Creating the post by template:

1) Locked account

2) Provide your in-game character name.

3) Date of incident

4) The reason for blocking.

5) Please indicate the reason, why  your account should be unlocked. Add any proofs of your  innocence.

Attention! Posts that are not in the form will be deleted. Remember, we have 72 hours for application consideration

The WoW Argus forum is international, please post only in english

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1) Locked account [email protected]

2) Provide your in-game character name. Peeperbandit

3) Date of incident: 27/04

4) The reason for blocking. "lying twice + creating false statements"

5) Please indicate the reason, why  your account should be unlocked. Add any proofs of your  innocence.

Hi I was banned after pointing out to nightslayer on the 26/04 In dalaran In front of multiple of my guildmates and his players that the last time he threatened my players with action By life Life ended up depowered after issuing what was ruled a Personal ban against Gearbox after evidence of his multiple Page "meltdown" came to light

Nightslayer then directly contacted Life (Not any other member of staff) linking him part but not all of the conversation purposefully cutting out the part of the conversation where he threatens my players. Life Whispered me the next day asking me to clarify about the statement I made stating it to be false and that I would be banned for it and by not remembering my statement (As i genuinely could not recall my exact wording and Life was clearly trying to get me to recall my statement wrong to ban me for lying anyway) He gave me the maximum punishment of 3 days for saying an objectively true publicly known statement to a known associate of his who had just finished threatening players from my guild with Lifes GM powers. Please can someone connect the dots for me here.


Okay. Let's start.

First of all, we've got this screenshot


I think that spreading rumors about someone in staff being depowered is a break of a rule about bashing staff. If you want to discuss the clarification of this rule and it's not obvious, i'm open to discussion about the wording of this rule. As i recollect, I didn't depower anybody recently and this statement is a little bit false, don't understand why you call it "true publicly known statement", his GM rights were not taken form him. Did I miss something?

As I see this screenshot was punished with a 3 day ban, not a week ban and not a 9 day ban. Personally I think that the dialogue with you was excessive including "lies" in ban reason, he could just give you a ban and give you the proof for it here in this topic so that everybody could see it. We've already discussed the dialogue part with him and we came to agreement about it being unnecessary in that situation. That's what I can tell you about the ban.

Let's go on. I don't really understand how "his associate" and "threatening your players" things are connected to your ban. 

1) If you accuse (or just say that) GM of something like being involved in some shady connections with someone threatening your guild, you need to give some proof, you've already said it to GM in your dialogue before ban. I won't consider it as a lies or information distortion right now, but I ask you kindly to give screenshots in such situations in future communication. I prefer to work with facts, not with unproofed information because i need to have an objective picture of what happened to make a right decision.

2) If someone threatens you or your guild with a GM power - you make a screenshot and complain about it in the special topic. The topic is in the same section of the forum. It is an easy and perfectly transparent way of complaining. Everybody sees your complaint, everybody sees an answer from a GM. Like we do it now. Talking about someone threatening you and creating rumors all over the server about it - is no the best way to deal with such situations. Leaving a complaint is a better way, when we can ban the rule breaker in front of the community.

If your information is correct, then it's obvious that the rule breaker will not give a GM information about him breaking the rule. Best defense from such people is making a screenshot.

P.S. And my personal request for you. Will you please ask all of your guild members who decided to defend you to stop writing to GMs? We are talking about this situation here with you and we don't need a crowd or other people to deal with it. You represent your side, I represent GM staff. Having a crowd storming the GM's PM is a distraction of GMs from their work. If you would like to be represented by someone else - I have no problem with it, but I will communicate with only one person here about this issue. All other posts from people trying to interfere in our communication will be deleted. If there will be too many posts of other people trying to interfere, I will use the rule about spamming and will give them RO for a day or two. (Riqis)

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First Let me just explain that you have misunderstood why all the players have contacted these GM's. When i was banned i instructed people do not disrupt the servers do not flame or riot or complain in a public way. As all the players here have a tremendous amount of respect for the staff and the server and all of us are committed to building a long lasting community. Nobody is threatening to quit over my ban Nobody has. What people have complained and voiced their opinions about is the fact that a member of staff who has previously been in trouble on the 5x Realm for heavy handed punishment in the same light as this. 

It cannot be denied Life was punished after his abuse of power at my Guildmate and friend Gearbox. After it came to Light that He cursed and all but screamed profanities at my friend and ending the One way conversation with a discord ban and a server mute? This was Corrected and all players that had any idea about the situation were informed. There was no announcement or any real condemnation from the server staff for going on what ended up being a 2 full monitor page rant In private DM's. 

As I understand it as there does not seem to be a real Official chain of communication between us players and GM's it should be understood how a rumour like this maybe created? Its not unreasonable to think that Life wasn't punished after blatantly abusing his power before. And to merely mention it again shouldn't be ban worthy? Hell if you ask any player on the server if a GM has a Cursing/Shouting Fit at another player they wouldn't be fit for the position of Checkout Cashier let alone Game Master.

The long short is, Everyone is looking for proof But We feel like you are expecting A power hungry corrupt GM at the source of all major drama on the server to publicly state infront of us that he abuses his power? How are we ever supposed to get Proof of that it takes? Why are you looking at your players like we are the bad guys here? What possibly do we have to gain from Life being removed from power None of us are next in line to be a GM. Doesn't that carry some weight? Please if you genuinely want to Open a line of communication with me or the players please consider doing so over discord we are all more than happy to discuss all of this. I only wish you could believe us.


No. Life wasn't "punished" because situation with Gearbox was actually my fault, not his.

I had this situation in review some time ago and corrected my mistake.

I'll give my explanations for us to be on the same page. I saw their dialogue. Your friend Gearbox came to Life's discord to have a player-to-player conversation about the guild issues. They had this conversation, Life told him as a player what he thought and cursed. After that your friend decided to accuse him of abusing his power as a GM, and that started not a player-to-player but player-to-GM dialogue because he started to refer to him as a GM. After the dialogue Life came to another GM (that has higher rank on server) and consulted him about the possibility of ban in that situation. Other GM told him that ban can be given and than the account was banned.

After that another GM thought a little bit and decided to correct his mistake and unbanned your friend. Later this day I had conversation with a staff about this situation and said that we should create another GM rule about talking to players in discord. This rule was like "All communications in discord from our accounts are the communications of a player-to-GM type only. If there will be complaints about communication form our accounts, all actions of a person from a staff will be viewed as a GM actions. If someone from staff needs it, he can create another discord account where he will be an ordinary player but this account won't have rights in discord.". I didn't create this rule in the beginning and it's my fault. That is how it really went on. I didn't like that situation, but I have to admit my mistakes of not regulating discord communications earlier.

If your friend Gearbox wants to accuse Life of cursing and screaming as a GM, I will have a question for him. Why did he come to a GM to discuss the guild issues? If he came to a player, than cursing  and screaming are off the table, as a player Life can do whatever he wants within the bounds of rules for players, but now not from his main discord account. Ban approve was issued not by Life, and this GM has already corrected his mistake and I had a conversation about his decision with this GM too.

It's nor unreasonable to think whatever you want, it's your right to think whatever you want, but it's unreasonable to spread rumors when you don't know what happened next and have only guesses that are not true at all. I don't like the idea of people creating a distorted image of a situation in other players' eyes and spreading lies about someone being stripped of power. And i will ask you to stop using such words as "power hungry" and "abusing power", or I will increase your ban for bashing staff. This conversation doesn't make you invulnerable for rules.

I won't believe you. I don't "believe" GM's or players. I have a nearly 10 year experience of being a GM, and i don't believe words because people lie often. Players and GM's lie often, players do it more often than GM's. Believing to players without proofs is the most stupid that GM can do. For you to understand, if someone comes to me, says that you've cheated with WEH and asks me to believe his words and ban you, should I believe him and ban you? I think your answer will be "No", so why do you ask me to believe your words? Through the years players tried to deceive me hundreds of times to get rid of GMs, they had beef with. That is why I believe only proofs)

"How are we ever supposed to get Proof of that it takes?" - are you kidding?) It's the most easy part. If someone is banned for nothing - you come here and ask for proof, if there is no proof for ban - it's the best proof of GM abusing power. If GM threatens you to ban not for breaking rules but for something else - you make a screenshot and it's a proof. And so on, and so forth. Do I really have to explain such obvious things? (Riqis)

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