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[ Free character transfer] How to get a character for free

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F.A.Q for free exchange / transfer of characters.

1. Question: What does a free character transfer include?
Answer: On our server, you will have the function of creating the character of the faction, race and class that you choose. The character will be dressed in a standard set of equipment, he will be given bags and gold. Instead, the representative of the Administration deletes your character on the server from which you are transferring after verification and approval.

2. Question: What will my character get after transferring to ArgusWoW server?
Answer: When transferring to our server Argus x1-x5, the character gets at his disposal, a full set of equipment corresponding to ilevel 810 aswell as 10,000 gold coins, 30slot bags, the character will start at maximum level (110) Legion. When transferring to our server Argus x100, the character gets at his disposal, a full set of equipment corresponding to ilevel 850 aswell as 10,000 gold coins, 30slot bags, the character will start at maximum level (110) Legion. 

3. Question: What are the basic requirements for transferring a character?
Answer: The character must be at max level corresponding to the version / expansion currently transferring from : 70 for Tbc, 80 for Wotlk, 85 for Cata, 90 for MoP, 100 for WoD, 110 for Legion.
We do not make exceptions when you choose to create an application so you must make sure to meet the requirements so that we do not waste our and your time.
The game rates from the server you transfer from, must match / or be lower than our current rates (x10), if the rates of the server you choose to transfer from is higher than our rates then you will not meet the requirements and be qualified for a transfer.
The player account on the old server must be accessible to us, this means : that it should not be blocked, your old server must still be operational and running, we do not confirm the application of the personal account from the old site, personal data (username and password) must be accurate (carefully check and make sure that this information when creating a transfer request is correct)
On the server from which the transfer is made, there should be no restrictions for deleting characters
Before creating an applicatoin, you must transfer the guild chapter to another character or dissolve the guild, If you cannot do so while we consider the application then it will be automatically rejected.
We transfer the same character from the same account and with the same nickname from the game world only once.

4. Question: Will my character's game progress continue after the transfer?
Answer: No, the preservation of game progress is not provided in the free transfer. All items of equipment, achievements, ranks, mounts, pets, etc will not be saved.

5. Question: I have a paladin on another server, I would like to play on your server as a mage. Is it possible?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. You do not need to create a character of the very class in which you played on another server. The main thing to remember is that for one transferred character we give you the opportunity to create no more than one character.

6. Question: Will I be able to change the faction / class / gender of the character, etc. during the transfer?
Answer: Yes, we provide this opportunity. When creating an application, you yourself choose the faction, class and gender of the character.

7. Question: And what will happen to the character's nickname, if on your server my old nickname is already occupied?
Answer: If your nickname is already occupied by another character at the moment of transfer, then when entering the game world, the system will prompt you to change the nickname to a free one.

8. Question: Are there any restrictions when choosing a nickname for a character?
Answer: Yes, they must follow our rules that applies to our server :

It is forbidden to create obscene nicknames
It is forbidden to create nicknames and guilds similar to nicknames of representatives of the Administration
If your nickname falls into the category of prohibited, then you are obliged to change it to another one that does not contradict this rule. Otherwise, we will be forced to close the character forcibly access to the account for a period determined by the server rules.

9. Question: What are the rules on your server? Do I have to obey them even if such actions were allowed on my old server?
Answer: When registering an account on our server, clicking on the "Accept" button, you automatically agree with the specified project rules and confirm that you have carefully read them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before starting the game, that you carefully read them and avoid any violation of the rules. You can view the rules here :

10. Question: Can I transfer a character to the game world of Legion x1 from the game world of x5?
Answer: Yes, the range of rates available for the transfer is currently : x1 - x10.

11. Question: Are there any servers / game worlds from which transferring to the ArgusWoW server is impossible?
Answer: Yes. We are not able to transfer a character from:
server / game worlds where it is impossible to remove a character.
servers / game worlds where you can restore / clone / copy a character for free (for example: aldoran.ru, isengard-wow.com, etc.)

12. Question: Are there any restrictions on the number of characters during the transfer?
Answer: No, you can transfer any number of characters. But note that no more than 12 characters can be created simultaneously on one account. Therefore, carefully check before creating the application, whether there is a place left for the newly created character.

13. Question: I created an application last night. Why is my character still not transferred?
Answer: The term of considerating the application can variate from : 1 to 4 days. This does not mean that your character will be postponed at the end of 4 days (usually it is 1-2 days), but we consider applications in a chronological order and there can be quite a large number of applications, therefore, have patience, we try to process applications as quickly as we can.

14. Question: Why did my application get rejected ?
Answer: We reject applications only if they are not compatible with the terms of the transfer. You can see the reason for the refusal in your account near the application status.

15. Question: Can I transfer the character from the official / retail server?
Answer: No we do not do transfers from official / retail servers.

16. Question: I want to play the Death Knight / Demon Hunter class. Can I transfer a character to an empty account?
Answer: No, to create a "Death Knight" you must have level 55 character on your account and to create a Demon Hunter you must have a character at least level 70.

17. Question: Can I transfer characters between the game worlds of the ArgusWoW server?
Answer: No, there is no transfer of characters inside the server yet. Do not create such applications, we will not confirm them.

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