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Noblegarden (April 22 - April 29)

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Noblegarden is a rather simple and short event. You will be spending the majority of your time looking for Brightly Colored Egg Icon Brightly Colored Eggs around low level towns of your faction. These eggs contain the tokens you will need to buy the rewards, as well as the items you will need to complete the achievements.

Noblegarden quests givers and vendors can be found in the following low level towns:
Azure Watch in Azuremyst Isle
Dolanaar in Teldrassil
Goldshire in Elwynn Forest
Kharanos in Dun Morogh

Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore
Brill in Tirisfal Glades
Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods
Razorhill in Durotar
Collecting Brightly Colored Egg Icon Brightly Colored Eggs will also be done in these towns.


In addition to the various vanity items needed for the achievements and the achievements themselves, Noblegarden offers four rewards:

At each Noblegarden location, you will find Noblegarden Vendors (Alliance) and Noblegarden Merchants (Horde). These NPCs sell many vanity items, most of which are required for completing the achievements.

The meta-achievement of the event is inv_egg_09.jpg Noble Gardener. It rewards the the Noble title, counts towards achievement_bg_masterofallbgs.jpg What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been, and requires you to complete most of the achievements related to the event:


Spring Collectors (Alliance) and Spring Gatherers (Horde) are the introductory quests of the event. You can take them from commoners in any Capital City.
This introductory quest is to be turned in at the Noblegarden location of your choice. There, you will be able to take two other quests:

Eggs can only be found in low level towns where you will find Noblegarden NPCs. To collect the eggs efficiently, you need to make extensive use of your inv_misc_easterbasket.jpg Egg Basket, which is a reward for A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket (Alliance / Horde). Our advice is to place the item on your action bar, in the place of an ability bound to one of your mouse buttons. This makes it easier to refresh the increased speed buff.
After opening a few inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Eggs, you will be turned into a rabbit for 60 minutes. This is mainly a cosmetic effect. As a rabbit, you can lay eggs by standing still for a while, something that you will need for inv_egg_07.jpg Hard Boiled, one of the achievements.
One last piece of advice is to set, in your Video/Effects settings, Environment Detail to lowest. This will make it easier to see the eggs.

Noblegarden vendors sell inv_pet_nurturedpenguinegg.jpg Magnificently-Painted Egg for 1,000gold.png. This item can be used to place a inv_egg_09.jpg Magnificently-Painted Egg on the ground that anyone can pick up (even players from another realm or another faction, provided they can see the item) and sell for 900gold.png.
Be aware that both items are unique, so you can only have one of each in your inventory at any given time.


I Found One!
inv_egg_09.jpg I Found One! is arguably the easiest achievement of the event. You simply need to open a inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg, something that you will do countless times.

Chocolate Lover and Chocoholic
achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp Chocolate Lover and achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp Chocoholic require you to loot a total of 100 achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp Noblegarden Chocolates from inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg and eat them.

Dressed for the Occasion
inv_chest_cloth_04.jpg Dressed for the Occasion will be granted to you if you loot an inv_chest_cloth_04.jpg Elegant Dress from a inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg. You will not get the achievement if you buy the Elegant Dress from a vendor.
Note that this achievement does not count towards inv_egg_09.jpg Noble Gardener, the meta-achievement.

Sunday's Finest
inv_shirt_08.jpg Sunday's Finest will be granted to you if you loot inv_pants_01.jpg Black Tuxedo Pants and a inv_shirt_08.jpg White Tuxedo Shirt from a inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg. You will not get the achievement if you buy these two items from a vendor.
Note that this achievement does not count towards inv_egg_09.jpg Noble Gardener, the meta-achievement.

Noble Garden
Completing inv_egg_06.jpg Noble Garden (Alliance/Horde) requires you to acquire 5 achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp and use them to buy a inv_egg_06.jpg Noblegarden Egg from a vendor. Then go to Stormwind City, if you play Alliance, or Silvermoon City, if you play Horde, right click the egg and select the area where you want to lay it.
After laying the egg (and subsequently getting the achievement), you can open it and loot its content.

Blushing Bride
The easiest way to complete spell_shadow_soothingkiss.jpg Blushing Bride is to ask a friend or a guildie to help you. Give them the inv_chest_cloth_04.jpg Elegant Dress (if they do not have one), ask them to put it on. Then, put on your own inv_shirt_08.jpg White Tuxedo Shirt and inv_pants_01.jpg Black Tuxedo Pants, and kiss them.
Note that if you are missing one of the 3 required items, you can buy them from a Noblegarden vendor in exchange for achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp Noblegarden Chocolates.

Desert Rose
To complete spell_shaman_giftearthmother.jpg Desert Rose, you need to buy inv_chest_cloth_13.jpg Spring Robes for 50 achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp from a Noblegarden vendor. Note that you can use this item multiple times, so do not make the mistake of buying several of them.
Once you have inv_chest_cloth_13.jpg Spring Robes, simply go successively to The Badlands, Desolace, Silithus, Tanaris, and Thousand Needles. In each region, use your Spring Robes. It does not matter where you plant the flower, as long as you are in the proper zone.

Hard Boiled
inv_egg_07.jpg Hard Boiled requires you to lay an egg at Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro Crater. In order to lay an egg, you need to be transformed into a rabbit and stand still for about a minute.
During Noblegarden, there are two ways to get transformed into a rabbit:

  • by opening inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Eggs, in which case you need to either
    • hearthstone to Marshal's Stand (in northern Un'Goro Crater) and then go to Golakka Hot Springs without losing your rabbit buff;
    • run all the way to Golakka Hot Springs without losing your rabbit buff.
  • by being the target of a inv_misc_branch_01.jpg Blossoming Branch, in which case you simply need to bring a friend with you to Golakka Hot Springs and ask them to use inv_misc_branch_01.jpg Blossoming Branch on you.

Note that you will lose your rabbit buff if you take damage, be it from an enemy attack or from a fall.

Spring Fling
For inv_egg_09.jpg Spring Fling (Alliance/Horde), you need to first acquire a inv_gauntlets_02.jpg Spring Rabbit's Foot, which you can loot from a inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg or buy from a Noblegarden vendor for 100 achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp. We advise you to complete this achievement last, as it can be frustrating to buy the Spring Rabbit's Foot only to see it drop later from a Brightly Colored Egg.
Then, you need to visit the 4 Noblegarden locations of your faction. In each location, you need to get the pet out and find another player with the same pet. Obviously, it makes it a lot easier if you do the achievement with a friend or a guildie.

Shake Your Bunny Maker
To complete inv_misc_flower_02.jpg Shake Your Bunny-Maker, you need to use inv_misc_roses_01.jpg Spring Flowers, which you can loot from a inv_egg_06.jpg Brightly Colored Egg or buy from a Noblegarden vendor for 50 achievement_noblegarden_chocolate_egg.jp, on female characters of each race. The targeted characters must be level 18 at least.
The hard part of the achievement is getting characters of the other faction.

  • Low level characters will have a hard time doing it but hanging around in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms might do the trick.
  • For characters over level 60, it is possible to use your flying mount to get the achievement. Simply fly over a capital city of the other faction (Orgrimmar and Stormwind City preferably). Whenever you have a target, swoop down on it, use the flowers (this will not dismount you), and fly up as fast as you can.


If you have read us this far, we would like to thank you for the time you spent on the forum and we hope that the guide brought you all the information you needed.


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