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First of all thanks for your great job!
I've played Legion content on many server and I can say with extreme confidence that your works is superior, greatly superior to other servers.

I would be pleased to give you some suggestions to make leveling of the players a little easier, at least in the pre-legion phase.

The player that are leveling on a server with such high exp ratio obviously has difficulty accumulating gold (for mount, licenses and equipment).
So my proposal is to increase the ratio of gold obtained from the pre-Legion quests for give to players the opportunity to buy equipment from their vendor in their respective Legion Class Hall.

Unfortunately some classes can access to their class hall AFTER having obtained the artifact weapon and with a very low item level it is very very difficult.
So for those classes you could solve the problem by providing them a vendor that can sell adequate equipment (with item level like Demon Hunter, for example).

I hope that you take my suggestions into consideration and wish you all the best again!

Goodbye 🙂


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