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Guild <Autism Unleashed> - Horde

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<Autism Unleashed>

The guild your girl tells you not to worry about.


         Who are we?

We are a semi-casual guild focusing on PvE (e.g Raids, M+) horde side, EU timezone (people from other timezones are welcome too). That throwing aside, we are a group of pretty chill, sometimes autistic, people. While not raiding we love to spend hours in voice chat, doing silly stuff ingame or just bantering with eachother.

               Whats our plan?

First of all - to make friends. Having a friendly atmosphere and banter is vital for us. Also, we plan to actively crawl through all Legion raids, starting with EN and ending with ToS Mythic with a great amount of M+ spams on the side. (Guild PvPing will be there too, dont worry)

               What do we expect from you?

Be friendly with some banter on the side, be english speakin (please) and be there when we need you. As long as you can listen and communicate you're more than welcome to join us.

                How to get hold of us?

Its simple, join our discord server, leave a comment down below or just PM me. Discord server: https://discord.gg/6EMBukh

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Looking forward to seeing new people joining our guild and joining us on our adventure on this new server!

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Made changes to the topic title. Successes your guild!😉

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