Недавнее содержимое от Sin_Breaker

Недавнее содержимое от Sin_Breaker

  1. Sin_Breaker

    Server shutdown

    Dear players! We have made the decision to shut closed the Arguswow server. May 15, 2022 servers will be shut down. You can transfer your characters through your personal account Авторизация to the server uwow Legion x100.
  2. Sin_Breaker

    Promotion from February 23 to March 8

    Dear players! From February 23 to March 8 inclusive, the cost of all goods and services will be reduced by 25%. In addition, it will be possible to get a level 110 character with equipment when creating a new account on the days when the promotion is active.
  3. Sin_Breaker

    Hallow's End

    The server hosts holiday promotions from October 31 to November 10 inclusive: - When registering a new account, you will be able to create one character of the 110th level in the equipment of the 910th level - 30% discount on the purchase of in-game items and services - From October 31 to...
  4. Sin_Breaker

    Start of the 8 Cross-Server Arena Season

    Planned Cross Server Season 8 rewards: Reward 2х2 1st place: the first 0.1% of the rows of the arena table. Reward: Gladiator + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2093 + Duelist + https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2090 + +"Corrupted Gladiator: Arena Cross Season 4" + Ferocious Gladiator's...
  5. Sin_Breaker

    The seventh season of Mythic+ dungeons is completed

    Good day ladies and gentlemen! We are pleased to inform you about the completion of the next season of Mythic+ dungeons, and so, let's sum up the results of the season: Legion Bugs - Седьмой сезон эпохальных+ подземелий завершен
  6. Sin_Breaker

    September discounts

    Dear players! In the period from September 1 to September 7, the server will have a discount of 30%. As an added bonus: From September 1 to September 30, you can restore one character to your account for free; From September 1 to September 7, for each new registered account, you get the...

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