Error (BLZ51901001)

Error (BLZ51901001)

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Unable to connect. Please try again later (BLZ51901001).
1. Check the WTF folder, there should be a ArgusWow file, open it with notepad and check the contents. There should be these lines in the beginning:
SET portal ""
SET textLocale "enUS"
SET audioLocale "enUS"

Or SET portal ""
It is also possible to check the contents of the folder with the game through Launcher, if Launcher will find the missing files, it will download them.

If the option above does not solve your problem, then perform the following steps in order, each time trying to connect to the game:
2. Add the game to the antivirus and firewall exceptions. You may have to turn off antivirus for the duration of the game, it can block the connection. Reset interface settings by deleting Cache folder, from WTF folder Account folder.
If you are using a wireless connection, optimize your internet connection to solve the difficulties associated with it.
3.1 Try connecting your computer directly to the modem.
1. Remove the modem from the power supply.
2. Find the wire connecting the modem and the router.
3. Disconnect it from the router.
4. Connect it to the computer.
5. Connect the modem to the power supply and turn it on.
6. Restart the computer.
7. Try to connect to the game.
If you succeed, it means that your router cannot support the specified connections. In this case, you need to update the software or replace your router.
To find out how to update your router's software, contact the manufacturer.
3.2 Disable third-party applications that use an Internet connection, such as other games or download programs.
3.3 Satellite, mobile, and WiMax connections are also not stable enough and therefore may cause difficulty when trying to connect. If possible, try using a more stable connection.
4. Reboot the modem and router to make sure that the router is not overloaded with data.
Rebooting the modem and router allows you to reconnect to your ISP. Use the following tips to completely reboot your network devices.
1. Turn off all computers connected via this modem or router.
2. Unplug the modem and router (if used).
Leave the devices disconnected from the power supply for 5 minutes.
4. Turn on the modem and router and wait until the connection is established.
5. Start the computer and wait for it to fully boot up.
5. Reset and update the IP and DNS.

6. Close the background programs.

7. Update the drivers to correct compatibility errors.
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.

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