F.A.Q. Character migration

F.A.Q. Character migration

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Character migration F.A.Q. and instructions for creating a migration request from other servers.
Please note that the instructions are not exhaustive and serve only to provide a general understanding of the migration procedure.

What does character transfer include?
We transfer your character to our server with minimal transfer restrictions.. In return, a representative of the Administration deletes your character on the old server after verification.
Important! When creating an application, you understand and agree that there may be inaccuracies in the transfer, no additional issue of mounts, objects, ranks, achievements, artifact power, relics lost during the transfer, etc. etc. will not be produced. In some cases, exceptions are possible (if have the technical ability to fix the bug completely for all players, and not for an individual user).
When creating an application, you understand and accept the condition that we are not responsible for any damage that occurred during the transfer or in any way related to the transfer service. Technical problems, temporary suspension of the provision of the transfer service, are not the basis for the presentation of any moral, material, property or other claims.

What are the exceptions and limitations for transfer?
Mounts: all non-personal items that are in the bag / can.
Pets: https://www.wowhead.com/item=38050
Currency: Ethereal Credit, other items not more than 500 pcs., the rest of the currency not more than 1000, gold no more than 20,000.
Transmogrification - there is no technical possibility.
Item enchantment - constant enchantments of objects, stones in sockets, reforging and improvement of objects.
Talents, pvp talents, prestige and levels of honor are not transferred.
Achievements (list is not exhaustive): https://pastebin.com/9ndZNStw
Titles (list is not exhaustive): https://pastebin.com/vyeYvukV
Other: recipes for professions, macros, guilds and guild bank, friends list and ignore list, mail and auction and abyss storage(before transferring everything from the mail and auction you need to pick up in bags or in the bank), sets of equipment, tasks that have not been completed, arrangement of skills on the command bar, hunter's pets, battle pet, learned flight routes, explored territories, garnizon and stronghold, transmog collection, unexplored mounts, satellites, some legendary items may not be transferred, some equipment will be cut in level if the level on the old server exceeds the permissible values on our server, all PvP titles and achievements of previous patches are not transferred.

What are the basic requirements for character transfer?
1) The player account on the old server should be accessible to us. This means that it should not be blocked, and your old server / game world should be operational. In the personal account on the site, we do not check requests.
2) Character must be at the maximum level for the version of the game with which you transfer the character. 70 - for BC, 80 - for LK, 85 - for Cata, 90 - for MoP, 100 - for WoD, for Legion - 110.
3) Personal data (login/email and password) must be reliable, carefully check this information when creating a transfer request.
4) We transfer the same character from the same account and with the same nickname from the game world only once.
5) On the server from which the transfer is made, there should be no restrictions for the delete of characters.
6) Rating of the game world from which you transfer the character must match or be lower than the rating of the game world on the ARGUSWOW server.
7) Before creating a transfer request, you must transfer the rights of the guild leader to another character or dissolve the guild.
8) Leave the character near the bank of your faction.

Are there any restrictions when choosing a nickname for a character?
Yes, the following rule applies to our server: It is forbidden to use obscene and insulting words in the names of players, to create guilds with obscene names or use such language, no matter the chat channel or if it's for a player or not If your nickname falls into the forbidden category, then you must change it to another one that does not contradict this rule. Otherwise, we will be forced to forcibly close the character’s access to the account for a period specified by the server’s rules.

And what are the rules on your server? Should I execute them if actions of this kind were allowed on my old server?
When registering an account on our server, you check "I accept server rules." This means that you automatically agree with the specified project rules and confirm that you carefully read them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully read them and avoid breaking them before starting the game.

Can I tmigration a character from the “Battle for Azeroth” version to the “Legion” version?
Not. Migration operates as follows: - from “The Burning Crusade”, “Wrath of lich king”, “Cataclysm”, “Mists of Pandaria”, “Warlords of Draenor”, “Legion” - to “Legion”.

Are there any servers / game worlds from which transfer to server is not possible?
Yes. We are unable to transfer the character from servers / game worlds where it is impossible to delete the character, as well as from servers where you can restore the character for free. Important! At the moment, the transfer is available only from those servers that are in the list when creating the request.

Can I transfer characters between the game worlds of the ARGUSWOW server?
No, characters are not yet being transferred inside the servers.

What is the deadline for considering the application?
The request review period is up to 4-5 days.

Why rejected my application?!
We reject applications only if they are not compatible with the transfer conditions. The reason for the refusal is displayed in your account.

Can I transfer a character from the official server?

What should I do if during execution of the application I have the status "Error"?
Notifications about errors transfer come to my e-mail, therefore we usually respond immediately and check the causes of such a problem, therefore, it is not necessary to additionally inform us about it.

From which servers is transfer available now?

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