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By participating in chatting in the game, you are responsible for your behavior. Violation of any of these rules will result in restrictive measures against your account. More serious or recurring violations will lead to more serious measures.

1.1. It is forbidden to incite ethnic hatred and discrimination.
1.2. Advertising in game chat is prohibited and any offers of services / goods for real money, not even related to World of Warcraft, will be regarded as commercial offers for real money. It is also forbidden to sell game values and services for real money.
1.3. It is forbidden to discuss/criticize the actions of the Administration, it is forbidden to slander the Administration.
1.4. It is forbidden to insult the Administration of the server in direct or indirect form.

Any name that a player can change, such as a player’s name or a guild’s name, must comply with the rules. Names that violate the rules and undermine the atmosphere of the gaming community will be changed, and restrictive measures at our discretion may be applied to the account.
Please note that acceptable names are determined both by violation reports from players and by the decision of Administration.

2.1. Names containing insults to the server, administration, as well as the names or advertising of third-party projects are prohibited.
2.2. It is forbidden to use obscene and offensive words in the names of players and names of guilds.
2.3. It is forbidden to create characters with names similar to the names of members of the administration so that he does not cause among the players authority as a representative of the Administration, as well as nicknames that can mislead players, for example, Administrator, Adminargus and etc.

Violation of any clause of the rules for immediate action in relation to the account. The abuse of errors and shortcomings of the game or participation in actions that provide an unfair advantage, contractual matches, as well as any actions that could adversely affect the gaming experience of other players, will lead to severe punishment. The administration has the right to clean things, achievements, currency, ranks, items in the inventory or the level of CA (even donated) (etc.), if these items were completely or partially obtained dishonestly, using bugs, etc.

3.1. It is forbidden to use any errors and shortcomings of the game that give you any advantage over other players.
3.2. It is forbidden to cheat the Administration staff in any form and for any purpose.
3.3. Direct attempts to impersonate a server administration representative are prohibited.
3.4. Any actions that entail a harmful effect to the server are prohibited.
3.5. It is forbidden to use any programs and add-ons that give you any advantage over other players, including multi-boxing and etc., exceptions: add-ons that increase the player’s knowledge of the wow world (mob health, dungeon cards.)
3.6. It is forbidden to swall “Honor Points” and “Honorary Victories” on players of opposite factions, by prior conspiracy, or into two windows with a multi-log, it is forbidden to swall the arena rating too.
3.7. It is forbidden to accept any things/auras/etc., From the administration. This does not apply to cases where the Administration helps the player with any problem, for example, issuing a quest item if the player has a quest does not work.
3.8. It is forbidden to receive any items and services for real money in any way, except through donations through the official vendor of the server.


We expect players to treat each other with respect and help create a positive atmosphere on server While we encourage other players to report violations of the rules, false complaints with the sole purpose of limiting the gaming experience of others are also unacceptable and may lead to action being taken against your account.

If you are in doubt whether your actions violate these rules, review them. We reserve the right to restrict access to accounts that violate the rules for any time necessary to keep the atmosphere on the server fun and safe for all players.
Each situation will be considered individually. The severity of the sanctions depends on the specific violation, and not just on which category it falls under.

We provide various options for communication between your characters and those of other players. Since such communications are not - legally - electronic communications services, messages sent in this way are not considered private or confidential. To create a pleasant atmosphere, as well as to ensure all players are safe and legal in communication, we apply the rules of mandatory saving and viewing of both outgoing and incoming messages in game chats, as well as other messages.
By playing on our project you agree that has the right to:
  • save game chat messages and other messages that you receive or send in the game, and
  • check such game chat messages and other messages for potential violations of the project rules or terms of the user agreement.
The information obtained from the messages of the game chat and other messages can be used to identify violations and take appropriate measures if such are identified, as well as in the case of revision of penalties, used as confirmation of the violation.

We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notifying users. By continuing to play on this server, you automatically agree to any changes.
If you do not agree with any of these terms / conditions, you must leave this server.
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