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Please see below for more information on our return policy.
All donations made by users of the resource are voluntary, gratuitous and non-refundable. By making a donation, the user automatically agrees to these terms. Requests for the return of donated funds are not considered by the administration, the user must assess the advantages and disadvantages in advance before making a donation. All actions on material support of the project users make at their own risk. With donations, the user is required to know what kind of assistance to the project administration owes you nothing, it can only be in gratitude to give some values in the game, it means you are not in the law of the administration of the project to claim some bonuses in the game for donations to the project. Trying to chargeback without authorisation from will get your account banned. Solving the chargeback properly will lead to a fee due to the extra management caused for this.

All items bought in shop are bound: you cannot sell them at the auction house, nor trade them. Please note sale items are final sale and cannot be returned.
We do not provide assistance on the following matters:
  • Purchased the wrong item.
  • Chose the wrong character to send your items to.
  • Character deleted that hold a purchased shop item.
  • Account hacked/lost, and with it the items purchased
  • Making the mistake of the above mentioned matters is considered your own fault.
Don't be hasty in purchasing an item, service or currency (gold) as we cannot be taken responsible for your mistake. Any attempt to be assisted when the above situations happened to you is disregarded and denied.

You may create a topic in the section Support if you face the following issues:
  • Didn't receive my item that I purchased.
  • If you purchased a service character rename, change faction, change race, migration, guild rename, profession, set, gold, mount, etc., and you never received, you have to send a email [email protected]. You have to specify everything about your issue: select the transaction that provoked your issue, specify the character affected, and all the possible information about the problem.
For all enquiries about the status of your orders, please contact us: [email protected]
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